Thursday, December 21, 2006

Weezer - Promo Christmas Disc

Here's a quick little burst from the once-great (and now defunct) Weezer. Damn you Rivers, why did you break up the band? Sigh, anyway this disc will set you back a few pretty pennies at the record store, if you can even find it - so I provide it here to you for your listening pleasure. It has only 2 songs and places have the nerve to sell it as an EP, but there's more money in calling that, I guess. Did I already say 'Damn you Rivers?', I find myself saying that every time I listen to one of my Weezer compilations - and there are a few, my friends. Richie and myself have whiled away many hours watching the dvd collection of their videos and concert footage here at the pad. So, play this and be thankful for something.

1. The Christmas Song
2. Christmas Celebration

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Please re-post this, afterall it's almost Christmas. Great blog. I really enjoyed all the Bob Marley. Thanks.