Thursday, September 27, 2007

Depeche Mode - Demo's and Rarities Collection

Talk about your difficult tasks, my friends. Whew. I have been a DM fan for quite a few years now (Daddy IS an old man), and given my penchant for all that is demo-like and alternate, etc. you can imagine my zeal in seeking their rarities. Sure, they have their respective 'Ultra Rare Trax' compilations that have been floating around the intewebs for a few years. But these seem to be merely compilations of the less-desirable club mixes that never really did much for me. Daddy loves the demos. The process of a song from a few scattered chords or melodies into a full-grown song is akin to magic to me. Can't really explain it any better than that, my friends. Sadly, so many artists are ashamed of their first forays into songs that later become well-known that the demos are just buried and forgotten. Some have other reasons I am sure, but this seems to be the gist of the situation. Of course, artists are beginning now to see the light on this topic and many new deluxe editions of classic albums are being released with a bonus disc or simply bonus tracks and many of them are demos and alternate takes. Also, conversely, the artists could be having no input on this and the greedy record companies saw a new way to re-package old product and expand it to 2 discs and charge more cash for the product. Reminds me of Morrissey's song 'Paint A Vulgar Picture' . Truly these are the only items that get me to walk into record stores now and I am loving them. So, here is one I have found that actually has Martin Gore's home demos and others goodies as well , I do hope you enjoy them and turn a brother onto any website or sharing place that has more of this sort of Depeche Mode goodness that you may know of. Where applicable, more details have been added in parenthesis, but a few of these have no attribution and if anyone else has more info., it will of course be greatly appreciated.

1. Fly On the Windscreen (RARE DEMO MIX)
2. New Baby (The French Look) 1979
3. Letïs Get Together (Composition Of Sound) 1980
4. All By Themselves (M. Gore Demo) 1983
5. And Then (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
6. Cliche - Until You Saw The Sea (M. Gore Demo) 1983
7. I Feel No Guilt (M Gore Demo) 1983
8. Love In Itself (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
9. Pipeline (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
10. Told You So (M. Gore Home Demo) 1983
11. Violence (M Gore Demo) 1983
12. If You Want (A. Wilder Home Demo) 1984
13. Lie To Me (M. Gore Home Demo) 1984
14. Postulae (A Wilder demo for Hydrology) 1987
15. Sibeling (M. Gore Home Demo) 1989
16. About You About Me (?)
17. But Not Tonight (Soundtrack Version)
18. I Want You Now (?)
19. Enjoy The Silence (?)
20. Fly On The Windscreen Rough Mix
21. It's Called A Heart Rough Mix

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Willie Nelson & Leon Russell Live in New Jersey 1979

Oh, the joy. It's Willie again, kids. This is the tour he did with Leon Russell that produced the timeless gem 'One For The Road' in 1979. Oh, if only I wasn't a snot-nosed 8 year-old then...sigh. Anyway, this album bears some resemblence to the former but is from the New Jersey show on that tour and broadcast on FM radio in New York WNAW. So, there is the inevitable station identification breaks which are not so bad that they truly interrupt the groove you get into on this one. I ahd to wait until 2006 to finally see Willie live in concert and cannot recommend enough the voice, talent, legend and all the good qualities that he has. A living legend indeed. Every time I listen to the 'Red Headed Stranger' album, my esteem only increases for his gifts. But, I digress. So, please sit back and enjoy the show. I am right now.

1. Whiskey River
2. Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer
3. Funny How Time Slips Away
4. Crazy
5. If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time
6. Night Life
7. Sweet Memories
8. Gotta Get Drunk
9. Bloody Mary Morning
10. Shotgun Willie
11. Medley - Time Of The Preacher/I Couldn't Believe It Was True/Time of the Preacher Theme/Blue Rock Montana
12. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
13. Red-Headed Stranger + Time of the Preacher Theme
14. Heartbreak Hotel (W&L)
15. Trouble in Mind (W&L)
16. A Song for You (L)
17. Come On in My Kitchen (L)
18. Detour (W&L)
19. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (W&L)
20. Amazing Grace (W&L)
21 Uncloudy Day (W&L)

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration Deluxe Edition Bonus DVD (live Tracks)

No, I didn't post the whole shebang on this one, sorry. I am trying to not to draw as much attention to myself as in the past. This post will only contain the bonus DVD tracks from the awesome Deluxe Package of one of their greatest albums. Mainly because of the dearth of decent sounding live shows of this era from the band, I always love to hear anything resembling a soundboard live show. I may even put some of the better-sounding bootlegs up here if anyone is interested. Always a great show from these fellows. So everyone put on black clothes and your Dr. Martens and alooowly sway back and forth, whilst chanting. "Let's have a Blaaaaaaaack Celllllabratioooooon tooooooonight." If you were a child of the early 1980's, Oh the memories this one will bring back. Whew. Actually I have a few interesting Depeche Mode gems that I will be putting here, I have many regular visitors here who have requested a few. So, I hope you all enjoy.

12. Black Celebration (Live Birmingham 86) (bonus track)
13. Question Of Time (Live Birmingham 86) (bonus track)
14. Stripped (Live Birmingham 86) (bonus track)
15. Shake The Disease (bonus track)
16. Flexible (bonus track)
17. It's Called A Heart (bonus track)
18. Fly On The Windscreen (bonus track)
19. But Not Tonight (bonus track)
20. Breathing In Fumes (bonus track)
21. Black Day (bonus track)
22. Christmas Island (bonus track)

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Hank Williams Sr. & The Drifting Cowboys (and others) - The Health and Happiness Shows

Here is a gem indeed for all the serious lovers of Hank (like DaddyRich) and will keep toes tapping for a while. I had searched the internets for a long time years back, piecing these together ever so slowly and laboriously. Years people. Years. All I had to show for my efforts was a scattered few remnants of what seemed to my ears to be the Halcyon days of country music. Then, Lo and Behold, they get an official release with better sound quality. We all win on this one. Some of the best songs in his wide catalogue are played here live and to great effect - tunes like 'Lovesick Blues', 'Lost Highway' and 'Mind Your Own Business'. More Hank on the way, regardless of how few download this one. I will keep shoving Hank at you and it will sink in to a few, and that's enough for me. Just do what you can to avoid the songs that his wife sings on.... (cringe). Boy, he really must have loved her to let her keep singing with that voice of hers. Damn. More music to come - 'if the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise'.

As an odd side-note. The only 2 times my Hank Sr. t-shirt has been recognized in 7 years is at a Willie Nelson sjow and a Social Distortion concert. Interesting, huh?


WEDDING BELLS (Claude Boone)
LOVESICK BLUES (Cliff Friend/Irving Mills)
OLD JOE CLARK (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
WHERE THE SOUL OF MAN NEVER DIES (Wayne Raney o.b.o. William M. Golden) - with Audrey Williams
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
TRAMP ON THE STREET, A (Grady Cole/Hazel Cole)
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


I'M A LONG GONE DADDY (Hank Williams)
I'M TELLING YOU - Audrey Williams
BILL CHEATHAM (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


I WANT TO LIVE AND LOVE (Gene Sullivan/Wiley Walker) - with Audrey Williams
BILE THEM CABBAGE DOWN (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
FINGERS ON FIRE (instrumental) - Bob McNett
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


MANSION ON THE HILL, A (Hank Williams/Fred Rose)
WAGNER (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
PRODIGAL SON, The (Floyd D. Jenkins a.k.a. Fred Rose)
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


PAN AMERICAN (Hank Williams)
LOVESICK BLUES (Cliff Friend/Irving Mills)
ARKANSAS TRAVELLER (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
I SAW THE LIGHT (Hank Williams) - with Don Helms & Hillous Butrum
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


WEDDING BELLS (Claude Boone)
COTTON-EYED JOE (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
I'VE JUST TOLD MAMA GOODBYE (Slim Sweet/Curley Kinsey)
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers


FISHERMAN'S HORNPIPE (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers
SALLY GOODIN' (instrumental) - Jerry Rivers

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talking Heads - Demos 1975

Any regular reader of the Ape will know that DaddyRich is the first to admit how unhip and late-to-the-party he is on some music. Many years I ignored Talking Heads for no good reason other than that after a few minutes of listening, it didn't grab me. With as much music as I have, if it don't grab me quickly - I got a stack of more waiting that just might. And said album goes into a pile for 'later listening' and with the advent of the sharing communities, my 'later' stack is usually a few hundred albums deep. Oh, the ebarrassment of riches over here. Love the music too much. So, many years after the fact of their splitting up and solo permutations, I begin to give their early work a listen. So, I am an old fool who arrives late - but at least I show up, no? Great early stuff with glimpses of greatness. And this girl has done more work on this demo collection than anyone I have seen - she has the same music disease I have...kudos for her hard work.

Psycho killer
Sugar on my tongue
Thank you for sending me an angel
I want to live
I wish you wouldn't say that
The girls want to be with the girls
Who is it
With our love
Stay hungry
Tentative decisions
Warning sign
I'm not in love
The book I read
Love goes to building on fire
No compassion

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Rolling Stones - Beggars Breakfast Outtakes (1968-1972)

Gimmie Shelter
Brwon Sugar
Stop Breaking Down
Shake Your Hips
Loving Cup (vers. 1)
Loving Cup (vers. 2)
Shine A Light
I Ain't Lying
Sweet Virginia
I Don't Care
Sympathy For The Devil
Tell Me
Rice Crispies Jingle
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

Info. from the Interwebs...

"Gimmie Shelter" is an early mix with Keith Richards on vocals; "Brown Sugar" is an early mix with a different Mick Taylor lead guitar; "Stop Breaking Down" is an early mix with a different vocal by Mick Jagger; "Shake Your Hips" is taken from a rehearsal in Montreaux, March 1972; "Loving Cup (vers. 1)" is an early version recorded at the same session as "Honky Tonk Women, June 1969, which was the first session with Mick Taylor; "Loving Cup (vers. 2)" was recorded two years later than version 1, and is much longer in duration; "Shine A Light" is an early mix with different vocals; "I Ain't Lying" and "I Don't Care" are improvised songs recorded in 1970, but were never fully developed and never released; "Sway" is an early version taken from acetate; "Sweet Virginia" is an early version with no backing vocals and more keyboards; "Sympathy For The Devil" is a series of excerpts from the recording sessions that appeared in the Jean Luc Goddard film "Sympathy For The Devil"; "Tell Me" is an alternate version that was never released; "Rics Crispies Jingle" is an actual radio jingle for Rice Crispies recorded by the Stones; "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover" is an excerpt from the first ever Rolling Stones studio session in October 1962, taken from a battered 4-song acetate owned by Chris Jagger."

Led Zeppelin - Physical Rarities

Since there are so many dedicated Led Zeppelin blogs and sites that share boots and such, I don't often share what I have. I figure people can just go elsewhere if they want that. But, in my attempt at sharing my favorites, I invariably have been skipping over my massive (ahem) Led Zep collection. To rectify that I will be posting a few of my faves here for you listening pleasure. Beginning with this gem here. Look at the selection of rare takes and alternates here - "Trampled Underfoot", "Out On The Tiles" and "Immigrant Song". From one of their best albums and I have even more outtakes and such from this era that I will be posting soon. Share and enjoy.

1. Jenning's Farm Blues '69 (6:18)
2. Poor Tom '71 (3:03)
3. Walter's Walk '72 (4:31)
4. Tramled Underfoot (5:37)
5. Custard Pie (4:16)
6. Black Dog '71 (4:07)
7. Since I've Been Loving You '69 (7:29)
8. No Quarer '71 (4:04)
9. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (ver.2) '68 (5:32)
10. Stairway To Heaven '71 (3:52)
11. Swansong (1:21)
12. Ozone Baby '68 (3:30)
13. Wearing & Tearing '68 (5:27)
14. Something Else '71 (2:17)
15. Immigrant Song '70 (2:38)
16. Moby Dick '69 (1:40)
17. Out On The Tiles '70 (3:45)
18. Willow Tree '71 (3:15)
19. Baby Come Back Home (Tribute To Bert Burns) '68 (5:33)

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Culture - Rare & Unreleased Dub

First off, a moment to reflect and give thanks for the life of Joseph Hill and the wonderful voice he shared with the world. Respect. As a fan of the Dub and reggae lover this is an invaluabe collection of the sweet harmonies of the immortal Culture sound. It all began for me way back witha listen to 'International Herb' and my ears were hooked. A searing social conscience and a fun side as well, this group had many parts. Any fan of reggae will be pleased and well sedated upon listening to this crucial collection of the good stuff . DaddyRIch has a couple particular favorites - "Two Sevens Clash Dub" (from one of the greatest albums ever recorded) and "Iron Sharp Dub" are worth repeated listening. Have fun and share. Oh, I just found this was also stil available at - a top-notch blog and a man with kind music tastes. Give them a visit and say I sent you.

1. Disobedient Children Dub
2. Forward To Africa Dub
3. Everyday Love Dub
4. Skilful Dub
5. Iron Sharp Dub
6. Skilful Dub
7. Iron Sharp Dub
8. Tropical Dub Fever
9. Heavenly Dub
10. Harder Than The Rest Dub
11. Freedom Jam Dub
12. Deep Root Dub
13. Two Sevens Clash Dub

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Bob Dylan - Acoustic Thunder

We all know how much DaddyRich loves the acoustic performance. The wife and I just picked up the instrument ourselves and are having a great time killing some notes and strangling others. As much as I enjoy hearing other great artists do their thing 'au naturel' (as it were) Bob Dylan doing so is just sublime. It's the way he was always meant to be head, in my humble estimation. And yes, I do love the Royal Albert Hal gigs but, to my mind, his greatest strength lies in being heard in that softly spoken voice that can sometimes rise to a roar. I so regret not giving his music a chance when I was much younger, since it has enriched my life so much since that first night I said to myself (in a smoke-filled room) "This damn Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 has been in the family record collection for so long, what is it about this guy? I hear the songs are supposed to have great content, but his voice is annoying... blah, blah, blah" And after only one serious listen it became so evident to me that ONLY Bob could sing these songs and do it that way. Immediately his voice and lyrical beauty smacked me into consciousness. Thereafter he became part of my Holy Bob Trinity (time-lines be damned!) of Bob Marley and Bob Mould. These performances are amazing and after you can listen past the sound quality available for 1975-1976 bootlegs, great thing are to be found for waiting ears.

Track1. Visions of Johanna (unglitched) - Lakeland, FL 4/18/76
Track2. If You See Her, Say Hello (w/all diff lyrics) - same as above
Track3. Tangled Up In Blue - Tampa, FL 4/21/76
Track4. Times They Are A-Changin' - Clearwater, FL 4/22/76 (aft)
Track5. One More Cup Of Coffee Clearwater, FL 4/22/76 (eve)
Track6. Just Like A Woman - Pensacola, FL 4/28/76
Track7. Mr. Tambourine Man Mobile, Ala 4/29/76
Track8. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) same as above
Track9. Simple Twist Of Fate - Hattiesburg, Miss 5/1/76
Track10. Love Minus Zero/No Limit New Orleans, LA 5/3/76 (eve)
Track11. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Houston, TX 5/8/76
Track12. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue San Antonio, TX 5/11/76
Track13. It Ain't Me Babe FT Worth, TX 5/16/76
Track14. Fourth Time Around !!!!! - Augusta, ME 11/26/75*

What shows and a tour this must have been! Too bad I was only four at the time. The links are waiting, kiddies.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Living Colour - 4 Never Satisfied Friends

Never Satisfied
Leave It Alone
Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Open Letter (To A Landlord)
Leave It Alone, take 2
Love Rears Its Ugly Head, take 2
Cult Of Personality
Nothingness, take 2
Elvis Is Dead / Type
Leave It Alone, take 3
Nothingness, take 3
Cult Of Personality, take 2

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Nirvana - Rough Tapes

Here's a nice little collection of the late Nirvana. We all know what a sucker DaddyRich is for alternates and demos. Well, pretty much only alternate takes here, but what a collection of them. Some of their best work and packaged pretty well,as far as bootlegs go. Pop this one in and enjoy.

track list on cd picture - hope you like.

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Green Day - Dookie Demos

Let the naysayers have their way with this one. I still like Green Day and have done so for a long time. And, in DaddyRich's humble opinion (if I may opine...) this was a watershed album for popular music. One of the rare occurences when something from the underground is just too good to be kept subterranean. Glimpses of greatness were easy to see on earlier efforts like 1,039 Soothed Out Slappy Hours (and the individual early releases that comprised the collection) and Kerplunk!, all the Lookout! Records releases. Also, an astoishing number of lonely young boy and girl-that-got-away love songs, which were theretofore a rarity in So. Cal punk to that point. But the three-piece kept working and touring constantly and became a force to be reckoned with on the road and in the studio. All the "punk purists" (a.k.a. broke musicians who wish others to remain broke and anonymous as well) had their field day on the clean production by an industry fellow, but the end result shows the band to be far and away the best of their contemporaries. Well, maybe Rancid is better - but Green Day is far more accessible.

Green Day - Dookie Demos

01 - Basket case
02 - Burnout
03 - Haushinka
04 - Having a blast
05 - Jar
06 - Longview
07 - When I come around
08 - Basket case
09 - Burnout
10 - Haushinka
11 - Having a blast
12 - Jar
13 - Longview
14 - Instrumental
15 - Welcome to paradise
16 - When I come around

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David Bowie - Divine Symmetry (BBC Acoustic Sessions 1997)

This will be the first of a few re-ups on files that had many downloads that were killed all too soon. I am among the huge number of fans that feel any Bowie is good, but acoustic Bowie is better. Among the many acoustic-related discs I have here, this is ranked near the top for the breadth and depth from the man's sometiemes daunting catalogue. The sound is quite good and the man is in fine form here, so listen and enjoy and as ever - share.

01 Silence 0:17
02 The Man who Sold the World 4:07
03 Supermen 3:10
04 Andy Warhol 2:25
05 Repetition 3:01
06 Lady Stardust 3:23
07 White Light White Head 3:42
08 Shopping for Girls 3:27
09 Quicksand 4:43
10 Aladdin Sane 3:35
11 Fashion 3:41
12 Little Wonder 4:23
13 Aladdin Sane 4:20
14 Jean Genie 5:32
15 I'm Hot for you Baby 2:04
16 I Can't Read 5:49
17 The man who sold the world 4:32
18 Heroes 6:38
19 Let's Dance 4:25

As an added bonus, we have here another acoustic compilation containing various live and studio tracks of Bowie performing his greats. This one has a few repeats and a varying bit rate but is overall a worthy companion piece. At least until I sift through the many acoustic performances in my collection and make a definitive 'Acoustic Bowie at The Ape'. Cheers.

1. scary monsters
2. seven years in tibet
3. the supermen
4. dead man walking
5. the jean genie
6. i can't read
7. quicksand
8. aladdin sane
9. the man who sold the world
10. supermen
11. andy warhol.
12. repetition.
13. lady stardust
14. white light-white heat
15. shopping for girls
16. heroes
17. dead man walking
18. i can't read
19. repetition
20. rosie girl
21. **** you all night long

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, looky here!

Yes, I am back from my sabbatical. Much time has been spent pondering and pondering (and watching too much Pinky & The Brain, apparently) on the future of the blog. My sincerest thanks go to the many hundreds of people who have commented and sent e-mails through my profile link here. The love is overwhelming and my response is that I am about set to get back in the ring and give it another go. I will do my level best to only put unreleased/bootleg stuff here (even tho the RIAA bitched about that, too.) but sometimes there is something just that just must be heard before purchase and I will remain that place for you kind people. As always my deepest gratitiude goes out to the mighty SFRP and all the Mokeys out there for sharing and being the best communities online. I would like to say that I am tanned, rested and ready. But the people who know me know that I am at least rested, if nothing else. Links will have some protection, so don't be put off by having to do a little dance and wait for 10 seconds for the download page to load, we all have to nowadays. Thanks again and let's get some sharing done, right? Right.