Friday, December 01, 2006

Pavement - The Complete Peel Sessions

What more needs to be said - especially since information regarding it is so damned scarce? The Mighty Pavement in their ragged glory recording for the cooelst DJ who ever breathed onto a microphone. Any information that anyone else may have is quite welcomed.

1. Kentucky Cocktail
2. Here
3. Circa 1762
4. Secret Knowledge Of Backroads
5. Rain Ammunition
6. Drunks With Guns
7. Ed Ames
8. The List Of Dorms
9. Brink Of The Clouds
10. Tartar Martyr
11. Pueblo Domain
12. The Sutcliffe Catering Song
13. Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence
14. Jam Kids
15. Who Should I Suspect (Live)
16. Sebadoh Helen Stones (Live).mp3
17. Dying On The Streets (Live)
18. Voguing To Shane McGowan (Live)
19. Mother Mary (Live)
20 Box Elder (Live)

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

When I finally arrived to Rapidshare to download it, I got a "wrong server" message when I clicked to do the deed.

DaddyRich said...

Link was checked and working at 2:30 Pacific Time.

Loren said...

Rapidshare performs maintenance on its servers at various times, so if one isn't working, you need to try another. (The link is working in other words, just be a bit mre persistent.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you greatly for this gem. But I had just one little question. I saw on other sites that Haunt You Down is supposed to be between Unseen Power of the Picket Fence and Jam Kids. If you have that, could you up that track too? Regardless, major love for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

this looks like the bootleg "stuff up the cracks" that cd says songs 1-4 peel session July 10th 1992, 5-8 Peel session Dec. 14. 1992. Songs 9-12 Peel session Feb 26, 1994 some of these went on to wowee zowee in different form or as bsides for singles of the album wowee zowee. Haunt you down (missing?) along with "jam kids" make up a free single that came with crooked rain, crooked rain. Unseen power of the picket fence from the "no alternative" compilation. rest of the songs from live shows