Monday, December 04, 2006

Joy Division - Let The Movie Begin

Yet another Joy Division post - stop me before I post again!!!!

"This is not a bootleg. Put together by a couple of Belgian Joy Division experts to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sadly missed Ian Curtis - and the year that the Ian Curtis biopic is to begin. The set contains extremely rare audio interviews with all members of Joy Division - some of which have never seen the light of day before plus spoken word contribution on one track from Martin Hannett and a rare Martin Hannett interview. The interview sections are interspersed with superb live performances from various venues through the career of the band including rarities from Dutch and Belgian concert performances and a couple of rare alternative studio outtakes. "

1. Love Will Tear Us Apart
2. Ian Curtis interview
3. Leaders Of Men
4. Steve Morris & Ian Curtis interview
5. Failures
6. Ian Curtis interview
7. Novelty
8. Martin Hannet interview
9. New Dawn Fades
10. Ian Curtis interview
11. Ice Age
12. Steve Morris & Ian Curtis interview
13. Shadowplay
14. Ian Curtis interview
15. Passover
16. Martin Hannet interview
17. Transmission
18. Steve Morris & Ian Curtis interview
19. At A Later Date
20. Ian Curtis interview
21. Digital
22. Bernerd Sumner interview
23. Colony
24. Ian Curtis interview
25. Auto Suggestion
26. Dead Souls

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Never enough Joy Division.

I beseech thee - don't stop or desperation will take hold.



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Thanks for uploading the Joy Division stuff and best wishes for Christmas, New Year and an excellent Blog.

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