Friday, December 01, 2006

Flaming Lips - It Overtakes Me EP (u.K. EP)

1. It Overtakes Me (LP Mix)
2. I'm Afraid Of Dying...Aren't You?
3. Free Radicals (The Birds & Bees Mix)
4. Time Travel (ft. Steve Burns)

Everyone already knows how much DaddyRich loves the Flaming Lips. Pretty much since my first listen to the classic 'Turn It On' and have been hopelessly hooked ever since. They also care about value for the consumer and pack their singles with extras that are worth your hard earned coins. I can't think of another band that (to my mind) generates such an incredible amount of goodwill and positive energy for it's fans. Speaking of generating positive vibes - the track 'Time Travel' features help from none other than Steve Burns - the original human on Blue's Clues. You cannot possibly imagine how many thousands of repeated episodes of Blue's Clue's I have had to endure over the last nine years, but the one's with Mr. Burns have always been the best and his prescence is greatly missed on childrens televison (just my two pennies worth). Someday I will see them in concert and get that experience as well, but for now we can all enjoy this little nugget of golden musical goodness...mmmmmmmmmm...musical goodness.

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DaddyRich said...

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I'm a big Lips fan so much thanks for this dude!

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thank you very much!!!!

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f'lipping great.....