Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weezer - Acoustic Compilation

Once again, the mighty Weez. They are already sorely missed by DaddyRich and family (Richie caught on right before the last album) but luckily we have the dvd with all the videos - so that helps assuage the loss a bit. Since Weezer never released an acoustic album proper, we have had to cherish this compilation made by some unknown benefactor in it's stead. Of course, it's not as clean and slicked up as a proper Unplugged segment would be but I am grateful just to have these in the old collection. The tracks on this album were culled from multiple sessions and are indicated in the track listing. Hope you enjoy and if you find cool Weezer stuff - send a mail to DaddyRich to let me know.

Songs are from these various sources -

Shorecrest High School Acoustic Show 11/9/96 (7 Songs)

WFNX 101-7 Radio Acoustic Session 11/22/94 (2 Songs)

Y100 Acoustic Sonic Session in Philadelphia 6/20/97 (7 Songs)

107-7 The End 7:30 Spotlight Show 05-21-97 (2 Songs)

Live Salzburg Austria -Date Unknown- (6 Songs)

Rivers Cuomo & Matt Sharp Acoustic Set Fullerton,Ca. 2/12/94 (8 Songs)

Enjoy the Weeziness!

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DaddyRich said...

DaddyRich said...

part 2 -

senor w said...

Que pasa?

I am SUCH a weezer fan! i have collected everything i could get my hands on, but don't have this. thanks loads.

also, i gave the SD thing another shot. i copied and pasted the url and it worked fine for me. let me know, ok?

muchos gracias,
the senor

Anonymous said...

Maladroit Demos HERE: