Friday, December 15, 2006

Thom Yorke - Trade Justice Movement Acoustic Show April 16, 2005

Another of popular music's greatest voices, along with the great Mr. Coyne in the Flaming Lips post below. Thom Yorke and a guitar would be an occasion for me to sit in rapt attention for hours on end. Sadly he did just a little set for this worthy cause - but at least he did it, eh? Another of the great social conscience's of rock music (geez, do I have any real rrare u2? maybe abotu 100 albums worth) Thom has written some of my favorite songs and although I can't say too much about Radiohead's newest studio albums (they still are an amazing live act) and his solo work, but their legacy is assured as being the most experimental and progressive of all the batch of 'alternative' acts from the early 1990's. I love them, I do. Hopefully you will dig this too. Also, have you heard his cover of 'After The Goldrush' (Neil Young) done at the Bridge School Benfit a few years ago? Simply brilliant.

1. Last Flowers
2. House Of Cards
3. No Surprises
4. Reckoner

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DaddyRich said...

mvdr said...

thank you daddy for all the gems you're posting :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi DaddyRich!

Been lurking for 2 weeks now... Thanks for your great postings. It's a pleasure reading your blog.

Best regards,

FYI: Bob Marley - Complete Discography From 1967 To 2002 [33 Full Albums] (Mp3 256Kbps)

Inzane said...

Not a huge Thom Yorke fan, but this is actually really good. Thanks, dude.

Oh, and could you do me a huge favor and post Maggot Brain by Funkadelic? Preferably the remastered version? I'd be your biggest fan if you'd do that.

DaddyRich said...

I am planning a big Funkadelic drop this week - so stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

sounds good, thankyou.