Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dane Cook - Harmful If Swallowed

Oh Lordy is this one funny. For any fan of the comedy I have posted so far - you will love this one as well. Take my word for it. I totally agree that he may be over-hyped and have some annoying fans (reminiscent of Dice Clay fans?) but his humor is undeniable. And trust me - I tried to deny it.

1. Intro
2. Parking Structure
3. Umm, Helllllo?
4. Car Accident
5. Tire In The Face
6. Would You Rather...
7. Fireman & Policeman & Miniature Golf Course Security Guard
8. BK Lounge, The
9. Pregnant Lady
10. Five Sisters
11. Slip 'N' Bleed
12. Speak 'N' Spell
13. Operation-Monopoly
14. Don't Tickle Me
15. Bathroom
16. Pranks
17. Fuk And The Finga
18. Just Wanna Dance
19. Head
20. Nightmare
21. Hopped Up On The Q
22. Not So Kool-Aid
23. Pick A Number Please!
24. Bonus Track!

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