Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Beatles - The Abbey Road Companion

Ok, before all you Beatle Bootleg experts chime in - I already know this isn't the best Abbey Road Beatleg there is. But this isn't a Beatle Bootleg blog, is it? I am just trying to share some of these things with my friends here. These are alternates (and one or two outright fakes, depending upon whom you ask...) and outtakes of songs from my favorite Beatle album and although it lacks the best sound quality I am still a proud owner. I am also proud I didn't pay the $75 that import record store wanted and they wouldn't even let me take a test spin in the store. If you love these boys then I am reasonably sure you will find something to grasp onto with this one and I am always looking for more Abbey Road rarities if anyone wants to bring them to the Ape. Give it a spin and add it to the collection - there's always more to come.

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DaddyRich said...

kike hurtado said...

Thanks very much Daddyrich for this stuff. NO doubt, your blog is one of the greatest on the web! Go ahead!

best regards from Chile, Kike.

ps: Try please upload some rareties of Jimy Hendrix. Maybe "Stages" or something like that.

bluesmutt said...

Hey Daddyrich!

Thanks for this Abbey Road Companion. Like you, I've been collectin the boys one-off stuff fer a loong time...bout a dozen gigs worth.

Abbey Road has a special place in my fried psyche. I wonderd if ya ever heard the BRG remix of the full platter? I've got mixed feelins bout remix/mashups like "Love", but this is different. A couple mixes r heavy handed but the second side is flippen brilliant.

Check it out at Eternos Beatles

They're files so no tellin wot the shelflife is.

Cheers in '07!

-olli- said...

Thanks so much - great stuff (I guess, still DLin!)!!!

Paptoad said...

Great share daddyrich!

Can't get enuff Fabs!