Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mighty Joe Young & Stone Temple Pilots Demos

Many already know that the late, great Stone Temple Pilots were once called Mighty Joe Young. They were originally signed by an independent label in New York and these were the original demos. Many believed at the time that they were just another another Pearl Jam sound-a-like (which were everywhere back then) but they matured into an awesome unit that, for me, peaked with the classic 'Purple' album. As usual , you take what you can get with demos from bands that were recorded before the advent of home computers and Garageband. Come to think of it, I do have some Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder demos that I may be putting up if anyone is interested.

1. Wicked Garden
2. Only Dying
3. Naked Sunday
4. Fast As I Can
5. Spanish Flies
6. Scary Area
7. Piece Of Pie
8. Love Machine
9. Dirty Dog
10. Old Dixie
11. Where The River Goes

The Stone Temple Pilots demos are from the 'No. 4' album, I believe but I welcome correctionsm as usual. They are untitled but still enjoyable.

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DaddyRich said...

Mighty Joe Young -


S.T.P. -


Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam/ Vedder demos? Uhh.... yes please!

And thanks for this posting. STP is one of my favorite bands, and I had never heard this.

Thanks again,


Fearless said...

I'm with Matt.. yes please on the PJ demos... and big thanks for the STP!!

DaddyRich said...

The only problem with the Pj?Vedder demos is that none of the tracks are named and I hate putting stuff up with no back story or track listing... a personal bugaboo of mine. I will hopefully get them uop before the weekend. I can't promise since Ia lready have about 10 days worth in the pipeline at rapidshare for upcoming posts.

Toothwaste said...

Thanx for posting these!

And PJ/Vedder is always very welcome as well if you find the time.
Thanx again..