Friday, December 01, 2006

Husker Du - Supernova

A little bit of Husker Du to help you wake up in the morning, my fine friends. Although this is reported to be from the soundboard it has it's bootleg-ish moments. But hearing Bob Mould do his thing is worth the price of admission (even if the music is free - you get the point). The mighty Mr. Mould also has a great blog and I probably spend too much time musing upon his lyrical/guitar genius but I am a dork so there's no surprise there. I hope you enjoy what will be the first of a few Husker/Mould joints.

These Important Years 3:53
Charity, Chastity, Prudence, and Hope 3:16
Standing In The Rain 3:55
Back From Somewhere 2:37
Ice Cold Ice 4:53
You're A Soldier 3:11
Could You Be The One? 2:49
Too Much Spice 3:15
Everytime/Bed Of Nails 4:50
Tell You Why Tomorrow 2:50
What's Going On 3:32
Chartered Trips 4:00
Green Eyes 3:11
Celebrated Summer 4:40
She's A Woman (And Now Is A Man) 3:15
Never Talking To You Again 1:54
Gotta Lotta 1:25
*Hare Krsna 9:02

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DaddyRich said...

errie said...

Thnx for this daddyrich. Didn't listen to them for awhile. Great band...

Anonymous said...
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milo said...

One of the bands I never got to see in my youth. Thanks for these tracks to complement my Husker LP's.

Umm... on a side note, any chance there are any Lou Reed rarieties floating around in your collection? I've got a few, but am always looking for a few additions....

DaddyRich said...

Milo - I do indeed have some Lou Reed rarities and such. I will be glad to post them soon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you-

SonInLawOfSam said...

A million thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot¡¡¡