Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tom Morrello - Bold As Rage

A nice collection of work from the greatest guitar innovator of my generation, in my humble opinion. Som eof the things the man can do with that guitar are supernatural to my ears. It was easy to tell from the very start with Rage Against The Machine that he was going to be something special and even without Zack doing vocal duties anymore Tom is still the integral part of the hardest rhythm section in all popular music, bar none. This disc is a share from the mighty SFRP again and it saved me a lot of time in going through my various Rage and Audioslave rarities and such and I figured if it was so great for me, then it will be just as good for my good friends here at the Ape. This will also be a nice lead-in for my various Rage/Audioslave posts to come these weeks to come. Don't you think?

01 - Ain't Nothing Da Fuck Wit (Feat. Wu Tang Clan & Chad Smith)
02 - Come with Me (Feat. Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page)
03 - Where the Sky meets the Street (Lock Up)
04 - Maniac (Lock Up)
05 - Clear the Lane (RATM Demo Tape)
06 - Darkness (RATM,The Crow Soundtrack)
07 - Bombtrack (RATM, Single Bonus Track)
08 - No Shelter (RATM, Godzilla Soundtrack)
09 - Enola Gay (Weatherman Sessions)
10 - Drop (Weatherman Sessions)
11 - Action Man (Weatherman Sessions)
12 - One Man Army (Prodigy, Spawn Soundtrack)
13 - Snoop Bounce (RATM & Snoop Dog)
14 - Another Brick In The Wall (Class of 99)
15 - It's a Rockin' World (Joe Strummer)
16 - Electric Uncle Sam (Primus)
17 - Calling Dr. Love (Shandi's Addiction)
18 - Here I Come (Audioslave & DMX)
19 - Until the End (The Nightwatchman)
20 - Where the Streets Have No Name (Axis of Justice)

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DaddyRich said...


Tbag said...

His DJ scratching is second to none.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for this, keep bringing the rarities.

Kahless said...

Thank you for this stuff from indeed a GREAT guitar player.
Just the "my generation" : I didn't realize Tom was that old :)

DaddyRich said...

Ouch! kahless - that hurts.

errie said...

Thnx for this great upload. I'm gonna grab it....