Thursday, December 28, 2006

80's Hits Stripped - Various Artists

Since I am on the 80's tip here for the moment (we never know what's coming next, do we?) I thought I would add this for the other old fogeys who visit the Ape. A good 10 of these 15 tracks were well worn on my record player on a regular basis back in the old days, so if anyone else feels any guilt about that like I do - these versions will validate your youthful indiscretion. I tried to ignore my love for a lot of these for the last 20 years, claiming to have "moved on", but I suppose I never totally did.
In a time when image seemed to matter so much more than actual talent some groups and individuals really made some music that has stood the test of the last 25 years and most likely will continue to as well. Even though my 1980's tastes have usually run to to the more alternative acts for a long time now, there is quite a bit to appreciate here.

1. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
2. Colin Hay of Men at Work - Down Under
3. The Outfield - Your Love
4. Berlin - The Metro
5. Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame
6. Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
7. The Motels - Only the Lonely
8. Tommy Tutone - 867-5309/Jenny
9. John Waite - Missing You
10. Heart - These Dreams
11. Thomas Dolby - Blinded Me With Science
12. Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises
13. Asia - Heat of the Moment
14. Jane Wiedlin 0f The Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Listen
15. Billy Squier - The Stroke

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DaddyRich said...

JJ said...

thanks mate

Dose808 said...

Excellent post!! I'm always skeptical if songs can be done "unplugged" with any kind of reminiscent feeling of the original, but I was very impressed with most of these on this compilation. Thanks for sharing!!

milo said...

Believe it or not, this got some positive comments on the Sirius Howard Stern show about half a year ago. I think the Tommy Tutone track emerged as a favourite. Happy New Year, now I'm headed to your reggae 12 inch posts to learn a few more things!

Anonymous said...

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Why ?

Rio de janeiro

Mark Twain said...

Damn you, Tommy Tutone!!