Thursday, December 28, 2006

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts & Live Tracks 12" EP

Been stuck on 1960's tracks lately, haven't I? Okay - let's move forward a bit to the wacky and wild 1980's. Of all the disposable music that lacked talent and heart - these boys stand out as the opposite. They brought great craft and wonderful lyrical sense to their songs, especially from this era of the band. They were on top of the world when this record came out and it was after years of toil in the over-crowded and under-talented Euro-Synth-Pop Scene, so true talent wins out in the long run, eh? I am not saying that their songs & lyrics changed the world or anyhting but they certainly do not deserve the slagging they seem to catch a lot of now by fans from way back. I will not abandon them and give you here an example of them at their peak of popularity. I can also vouch for their live prowess - I saw them in 1991 on the World Violation Tour (Dodger Stadium, anyone else there then?) and it was quite the spectacle and worth every penny. Also - has any other band showed so much love to their fans by offering so many extras on their 12" singles? Ther's no bullshit 'A' side and an instrumental on the flip - this is value for your money. Do your collection a favor and get this.

1. Everything Counts (Original 7'' Mix
2. New Life (Live)
3. Boys Say Go! (Live)
4. Nothing To Fear (Live)
5. The Meaning Of Love (Live)
6. Everything Counts (Original 12'')

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DaddyRich said...

Alex De Paris said...

You wouldn't happen to have the BBC radio recording of DM in London 1986 would you? Or the soundboard from the Köln (Cologne to you Yanks) gig in 1998 that was broadcast on European MTV?

DaddyRich said...

I have a BBC recording here somewhere but am not certain of the year. I will look for it today.

Anonymous said...

I totally used to have that Tshirt (on the cover) 7th grade hottie I was strutting that around. Good times.

matt lohrke said...

i have the cologne show right off the soundboard.

email me @ if you're interested.

and thanks for this! tremendous....