Monday, December 11, 2006

Paul McCartney - The Nashville Sessions 1974

Ah, more solo Beatle goodness for you all. These are reportedly the first sessions with Wings recorded in Nashville 1973-74 and this disc is interspersed with sessions for songs to be released with a film that never saw the light of day 'One Hand Clapping' and judging by some of the movies the Beatles found themselves involved with at this point, maybe we are all better off for it. I, of course, love nearly all Beatle music so I hope you will as well.

1. Proud Mum - Nashville outtake 1:57
2. Sally G - alternate take 3:37
3. Send Me The Heart - Denny Laine, Nashville outtake 3:33
4. Hey Diddle - Nashville outtake 3:43
5. Bridge Over The River Suite - alternate take 3:12
6. Walking In The Park With Eloise - remastered version 3:07
7. Junior's Farm - alternate mix w/ count in 4:31
8. One Hand Clapping - instrumental theme 0:50
9. Jet 4:19
10. Soily 3:53
11. Studio Discussions 2:07
12. C Moon 3:15
13. Maybe I'm Amazed 4:52
14. My Love - excerpt 2:44
15. Bluebird - sax overdubs and take 2:26
16. Band On The Run 5:17
17. Live And Let Die 3:51
18. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five 4:47
19. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 2:59
20. Proud Mum - reprise 0:33

Tracks 1-7,20 Outtakes & Alternate Versions From The 1974 Wings Nashville Sessions.
Tracks 8-18 From A Newly Discovered Mag Audio Tapes
(Tracks To Be Used In The Unrelesed Film "One Hand Clapping")
Track 19 "One Hand Clapping Outtake"

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

thanks, i was looking for this forever. you ever come across ny's tonight's the night outtakes by chance? (thanks again!)

mike said...

i'm really tired of listening to macca. everything he does is so glib and a little too cutesy for me.this disc just shows how much he needed the other three to flesh out the thin ideas.

Anonymous said...

I'm very grateful for anything Macca related, thanks and i hope you and yr family and friends enjoy a peaceful and prosperous healthy happy 2007.

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