Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spongebob Squarepants - The Yellow Album

One more for the kiddies that I hope you will enjoy. I knew from the first episode (yes, I watched it, my oldest begged me to tape it) that this cartoon was something special. It is so delightfully absurd and fully realized that, like The Simpsons, it could conceivably run forever. I especially love 'Gary's Song' and 'Sweet Victory' still cracks me up whenever I hear it, much to my wife's chagrin. More kid's music to come as well as Christmas albums.

1. Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
2. Sweet Victory
3. Ripped Pants
4. Doing The Sponge
5. He's Flying
6. Gary's Song
7. Sweater Song
8. Hey All You People
9. Bubble Beat Box
10. Underwater Sun
11. Bossy Boots Song
12. When Worlds Collide
13. Jelly Fish Jam
14. Campfire Song Song
15. Hey Mean Mr. Bossman
16. Stadium Rave
17. All You Need Is Friends
18. Nick's B. Danube
19. That's What Friends Do
20. You're Old
21. Electric Zoo
22. Jingle Bells
23. B.C. Strut

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DaddyRich said...


Mary 'the bitch' Poppins said...

thnx for this one!

errie said...

Thnx Rich. I'm glad to hear that more kid's stuff is coming up. Another hreat post for my little one...

Anonymous said...

Thank you daddyrich ... just found this site ... it rocks !!!

P :)

Torso Fever said...

I love your taste in music -- going straight from hard-to-find Bowie and Rolling Stones to SpongeBob. Thanks for all this great stuff.

natas said...

patrick star!!!

Anonymous said...

thanxs alot man, this is realy rock!!!

Chitty Cat said...

im not worthy
im not worthy
im not worthy