Friday, December 22, 2006

The Fat Boys - Self-Titled 1984

Another post on which I can express pity for those who weren't around when hip-hop was shaking the world. Every month it seemed new artists were emerging and producing classic records, and strangely enough - it was true. A personal favorite from back in the day was the great Fat Boys. Beginning as the Disco 3 and getting a lot of love from their native New York, it wasn't until they embraced the monicker Fat Boys that they blew up and became stars. For a extremely poorly acted (but with great heart) origin scene Daddy recommends watching Krush Groove. I watch it everytime I possibly can and still think although it is a bit goofy - listen to the music! But I digress... as much as Doug E. Fresh can calim to be the Original Human Beat Box, all of us on the West Coast first heard it from The Fat Boys Buffy The Human Beat Box. And these cats had great skill with the music and the rhyming - don't be fooled if you have only heard their later output and, God forbid, ever seen one of their movies (anyone seen Disorderlies? oh, the shaaaaame). They were among the pioneers of hip-hops great second wave and will always get much play on DaddyRich's stereo. I hope a couple of you will enjoy as well. Not a stinker on this whole record. R.I.P Human Beat Box and Kool Rock.

"Jail House Rap" – 8:30
"Stick'Em" – 4:26
"Can You Feel It?" – 6:38
"Fat Boys" – 6:50
"The Place to Be" – 4:26
"Human Beat Box" – 2:16
"Don't You Dog Me" – 5:50

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