Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Boogie Boys - City Life (1985)

Taking you all way back once again. Not too many who weren't involved in the scene at the time know about this gem. So here's DaddyRich to your rescue! It cannot be over-eatimated how much of a hit 'A Fly Girl' was to the early 80's B-Boys and we played it till it hurt. Forever after, everything that was cool was 'Fly' and the phrase still makes it's prescence known in my daily conversations, much to my wife's annoyance. Boogie Night and Romeo JD & Lil Raheim made a few moe albums after this one, but sadly were never more popular or relevant in the movement that was second-wave hip-hop. Lucky for us we still have this and if you are a crate digger (and I hope we all are here) you can find it pretty cheap and cop it for yourself. I think I am going to play this bad boy tonight while I finish my Christmas wrapping. Peace.

1. Runnin From Your Love
2. Do Or Die
3. Breakdancer
4. A Fly Girl
5. City Life
6. Party Asteriod
7. You Ain't Fresh
8. Shake And Break

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

Search as I might, I can NOT find this anywhere...and man, we (my brother and I ) are like yourself, we ran this baby into the GROUND. Good lookin'.

(shame things like this never made it to cd...and bigger shame that we are such a throw away culture)

Anonymous said...

dead link...