Thursday, December 21, 2006

Noel Gallagher - Pre-Oasis Demos (1989)

I know they are over-popular and a bit trite to most folks, but I love Oasis. The main thing I enjoy about them is Noel's songwriting and guitar-playing. Liam is a tit who cannot sing on most days and has been given the most well-paying free ride in history. My favorite Oasis moments include the great MtV Unplugged where Lima's 'throat problems' prevented him from performing and Noel got to do the whole set - simply awesome. There's a little something extra put into it when the person who writes it sings as well. This is only 5 of what I have been lead to believe are 9 total demos and I will work on getting the rest posted here as soon as I get word on them. I could have them tomorrow if I ever learned how to use Bit-Torrent but that whole system refuses to work for the old man here. So, here is a taste of greatness and we all just love the demos that hint at a bright future, don't we?

1. What's It Got To Do With You
2. Hey You
3. What's Been Happenin'?
4. But What If...?
5. Have Fun!

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Hey! As an added bonus, whilst I am on the subject of early Oasis.... How about The Lost Tapes?

Oasis - The Lost Tapes

Disc 1 :

1992 Manchester Demos

* See The Sun
* Must be the Music
* Better Let You Know
* Snakebite

1993 Liverpool Demos

Rock 'n' Roll Star
* Strange Thing
Bring It On Down
Fade Away

Recorded in Manchester in 1992

* Take Me
* Must be The Music
* Live in Vain
* I Will Show You
* Better Let You Know

1992 Stockport Demos

* Take Me
* Colour My Life

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Noel Gallagher - Pre-Oasis Demos

Oasis Lost Tapes

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