Saturday, December 23, 2006

David Bowie - The Superstar Concert Series

Yes, even more Bowie for my good friends here at the Ape. This little lovely is a combination of two older shows that was broadcast as part of the "Superstars Concert Series" in 2002 on the radio. God only knows where and what station because every time I turn on the radio (granted, not too often - I have enough music to keep me busy right here) all I hear is commercials. This was another great find by every music-lovers friend, AlienOnAcid - about whom not enough kind words can be said. There is a nice fillet of David's career on this and fans will be pleasently pleased by the song selection and performance. Enjoy, and of course - more Bowie in the pipeline.

Track 1-Show Promo
Track 2-introduction
Track 3-Hearts Filthy Lesson
Track 4-"Heroes" (Bowie/Eno)
Track 5-Lust for Life (Bowie/Pop)
Track 6-All the Young Dudes
Track 7-White Light, White Heat (Reed)
Track 8-Moonage Daydream
Track 9-Space Oddity
Track 10-Changes
Track 11-TVC15
Track 12-Rebel Rebel
Track 13-Ashes to Ashes
Track 14-Starman
Track 15-Fashion
Track 16-Blue Jean
Track 17-Let's Dance
Track 18-Suffragette City/credits

Tracks 2-8 : (Phoenix Festival, Stratford, England, july 18 1996)

Tracks 1,9-18 : (NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan, may 16 1990)

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DaddyRich said...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

hallospaceboy said...

thanks my friend

it´s a great post

I´m bowie fan

Alex De Paris said...

Excellent, you can never get enough of the Dame. Do you know if that's the full set that Dave played at the Phoenix Festival? I've been looking for that one.

-olli- said...


Well..... it was probably broadcasted on Westwood One, don't you think???

Anonymous said...

More thanks for this one. Michael.

eric said...

a big thak for this post!
Cheers, Eric.

mattUK said...

the full phoenix set - Look Back In Anger / Scary Monsters / The Hearts Filthy Lesson / Outside / Aladdin Sane / The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction / The Man Who Sold The World / Hallo Spaceboy / Breaking Glass / Telling Lies / Jump They Say / Under Pressure / Heroes / Strangers When We Meet / Lust For Life / All The Young Dudes / White Light White Heat / Moonage Daydream. Westwood One often only broadcast "highlights". the full set is available on the bootleg "From a Phoenix the Ashes Shall Rise". i can help with that...