Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When The Wind Blows - Original Soundtrack Album

Here's one you don't see too often and I can't quite remember where I found it - so automatically I give thanks to SFRP, just as a precaution. Since most awesome mp3's come from those fine folks. The talents employed on the songs here is just breathtaking - Squeeze, Roger Waters, Genesis and David Bowie. Damn, that's a nice line-up. I have not had the pleasure of seeing the film and it looks pretty darned hard to come by over here in the U. S. of A. so I may have to wait a while. It sounds quite good actually and I will keep my eyes open for it. Just listen and enjoy, children.

1. When The Wind Blows
2. Facts And Figures
3. The Brazilian
4. What Have They Done?
5. The Shuffle
6. The Russian Missile
7. Towers Of Faith
8. Hilda's Dream
9. The American Bomber
10. The Anderson Shelter
11. The British Submarine
12. The Attack
13. The Fallout
14. Hilda's Hair
15. Folded Flags

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The Mighty Diamonds - Live In Toyo 1985

Yes, some of the sweetest harmonies in all of reggae music live in concert - The Mighty Diamonds. Tabby Shaw, Judge Ferguson and Bunny Simpson crafted some of the finest 3 part voice work that we shall ever be so lucky to hear again. It may be obvious by this point, considering all the roots reggae I have shared, that I don't much care for new reggae music. There may be some great new vocalists and harmonies but whenever I venture into new reggae it all sounds like the same old dancehall vibe that I got tired of as I retreated further back into reggae history. So, I am safe and comfortable in my pre-1990 reggae bubble. Many of the greatest Diamonds songs are represented here in their live glory - "Shame & Pride", "Right Time", Have Mercy" and "The Roots Is There" - you really cannot go wrong with this one...

Introduction ~ Reggae Street
Party Time
Shame And Pride
I Don't Mind What You Are Saying
Never Say Goodbye
Right Time
Have Mercy
I Need A Roof
Keep On Moving
The Roots Is There
Heads Of Government
There Is No Me Without You

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The Stone Roses - Second Coming Rehearsal Sessions 1993-1994

Oh, the much ballyhooed and oh-so disappointing 'Second Coming' album. Not too many folks love the Stone Roses like DaddyRich, but this album was like a warm turd upon release back then. With the notable exception of 'Ten Storey Love Song', which still gets much play here I could not find much love for the rest. After all the legal wranglings and the much-too-long wait - I was very let down. And none-too-surprised when the break-up came about. A major regret for me was seeing the tickets on sale for a show in L.A. (for over $150 in 1995!) and figuring it wasn't worth the cash. I probably could've scraped it up but I wouldn't have had grocery (or, at that time more importantly - cigarette money) for 2 weeks and that was the deciding factor in it. Oh, the regret. My love for the band has only increased since then and am waiting patiently for them to reform and do Coachella in 2008....

Understandably, this is for only the hardest of the hardcore Roses lovers. Lots of tedium - if you've been around any band whilst rehearsing, it's quite boring. But I treasure it and hopefully one or two of you will as well.


Your Star Will Shine
1 Setting Up (0:44)
2 "Take It Away John" (1:05)
3 Run Through With Ian Mistiming (3:11)
4 "Take Your Coat Off, It's Clicking" (1:10)
5 "Nah Nah" (1:28)
6 "Losing The Melody" (2:10)
7 "Going Backwards" (1:43)
8 From 2nd Verse - Lead Vocals From John On Last Few Lines (1:38)
9 Excuses, Excuses... Ian Just Can't Remember That Melody (1:05)
10 "This Is Hard Work" - John Starts To Get Annoyed (2:11)
11 "Yeahhh" - Final Run Through Proved Successful (2:53)
Good Times
12 Setting Up, Then Ian, Mani & Reni Start To Play (2:16)
13 Mani & Reni Discuss The Song (0:50)
14 Ian, Mani & Reni Go Through It Again (1:21)
15 John Joins In... (4:09)
16 John, Ian & Reni From The Chorus, Then Mani Joins In (3:38)
17 "Anyone Got Any Smash?" - Ian & John, Then Reni Joins In, Then Finally Mani (4:55)
18 Funky Jam (3:18)
19 "She's My Heroin" (2:28)
20 Pulling It Together... (3:23)
21 Sounding Great (5:17)
Redemption Song
22 First Run Through (2:47)
23 Ian's Learning... (2:38)
24 All The Way Through (2:35)
25 Guitar Goes Wrong... (1:02)
26 All The Way Through Again (3:02)
27 Bass Joins In... (2:58)
28 Final Redemption (2:46)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tom Jones - Live In Las Vegas 1969 at The Flamingo

Wow! I completely forgot that this gem was in my collection. It's the hardest working Welshman in show business at his best! What a great time to have seen him live and in Sin City as well - must have been quite a happening. Full of hits and the inimitable Tom Jones wit and banter - songs like 'It's Not Unusual', 'Delilah', 'Turn On Your Love Light' and, inexplicably 'Hey Jude' which everyone in Vegas seemed to be covering at that time. I just know I have Elvis singing that tune around here somewhere....hmmmm. Put this one on and feel the grooviness and love and don't be afraid to wear a little velour - live it up!

1. Turn on Your Love Light
2. Bright Lights and You Girl
3. I Can't Stop Loving You
4. Hard to Handle
5. Delilah
6. Danny Boy
7. (It Looks Like) I'll Never Fall in Love Again
8. Help Yourself
9. Yesterday
10. Hey Jude
11. Love Me Tonight
12. It's Not Unusual
13. Twist and Shout

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hello friends of the Ape. If you haven't already noticed - the posts are getting farther between these last 2 weeks. DadyRich has been dealing with some health issues that have taken up much of the free time I used to devote to this blog. I am not quitting, not by a long shot. But because of these concerns I have considerably slowed my output down - much to my regret. This is just to let everyone know that this blog is not slowly fading away but just slowing down for the forseeable future - I have a few more test/procedures to go through this month that I am not looking forward to and hopefully I can get back down to doing my thing here. I know, all of you are saying "who cares? post more free music!" but it's going to be a few weeks before I am back in the swing of this possibly. I wil still check comments and thanks the kind folks who always leave a good word. Also, when I do check the comments (they're sent to an e-mail account) and you type "damn, I missed this one - could you repost?" I have no idea to which record you are referring. And I have way too many posts up now (one of the fastest blogs on the internet, as far as posts and quantity go - certainly for a one-man operation) to troll through old posts to find your comment. Please keep that in mind, friends. So, thanks for coming by and I will not be killing any links so keep sharing.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses Remixes

Had to hijack the image since this one came to DaddyRich without a cover. I will always accept Depeche Mode discs, especially their remixes. I have said it before here and will repeat - no band puts more into their music to fit it for remixes. Some of the best (and worst, sadly as well) have remixed their tunes and given them great new life. Hearing this after so many years still has some great resonance with DaddyRich - the 'Strangelove (Razormaid Classic Remix)' was playing at a club I went to with this girl I was madly in love with in 1994 as her chaperone in case her date turned out badly - I was THAT friend. I am sure many guys here were the same, uugggh. Don't miss those years. This disc has some greats on it as well - so enjoy.

1. Never Let Me Down Again (FM Power Mix)
2. Strangelove (Razormaid Classic Mix)
3. Little 15 (Bogus Brothers)
4. Behind The Wheel (Disconet Mix)
5. Nothing (Dallas Mix)
6. To Have And To Hold (Icelandoc Taster Mix)
7. Strangelove (Miller Remix)
8. Route 66 (Rodgers Mix)
9. Behind The Wheel (Dub)
10. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Razormaid)
11. Behind The Wheel - Roze 66 (Megamix)
12. Death's Door (Skeleton Key Mix)

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David Bowie - Live With Lou July 8 , 1972

This is a good one here, although Lou is only on a few tracks. It's from such a great period for both of their music, although the drugs and sleepless nights would soon take a terrible toll on them both. Just look at that setlist! 'Ziggy Stardust', 'Hang On To Yourself', 'Changes' and 'Space Oddity' among so many more classics - if It had a version of 'Rock & Roll Suicide' like the film did, I would be in heaven. Although they look a little too close for comfort onthe back, it was a strange time and they make for strange bedfellows, no? Just enjoy the awesome music with these two geniuses.

1. Intro
2. Hang Onto Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. Life On Mars
5. The Supermen
6. Starman
7. Changes
8. Five Years
9. Space Oddity
10. Andy Warhol
11. Amsterdam
12. I Feel Free
13. Moonage Daydream
14. White Light, White Heat
15. Waiting For The Man
16. Sweet Jane
17. Suffragette City

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Radohead - Live at KCRW

Ah yes, the mighty Radiohead. What a behemoth in concert and I look forward to seeing them. You see, all I have is concert upon concert on disc and dvd and patiently await my first live experience. Also, this show is one I cannot find any more information on when I go googling for it. It's not the great 2003 KCRW show that we fans know and love. But, it IS Radiohead and it's them in a live incarnation - and isn't that really all that matters to us? I hope so. It has great versions of two of DaddyRIch's favorites - 'Fake Plastic Trees' and 'No Surprises'.

1. Intro.
2. A Punchup At A Wedding
3. I Might Be Wrong
4. I Will
5. Sail To The Moon
6. No Surprises
7. Interview
8. Interview
9. Go To Sleep
10. Karma Police
11. Everything In Its Right Place
12. Fake Plastic Trees
13. There There
14. Outro

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Greensleeves - 12" Collection Continued Discs 9, 10 & 11

This post continues for the hardcore roots faithful. Such good music and I am glad that a few here are diggin it and passing it on. Keep playing and feeling the love.


Beverley Black - Peter Ranking & General Lucky
Walk & Talk - Peter Ranking & General Lucky
Just Talking - Michael Prophet
Thru Me - Papa Dimes
We A Leggo - Koumba
Billy - Koumba
Hold On To Your Woman - Yellowman & Fathead
Rub-A-Dub Play - Yellowman & Fathead
Wild Like Tiger - Eek A Mouse
Billy Boyo On The Go - Billy Boyo

GREENSLEEVES 12” part 10

The Good, The Ugly And The Bad - Billy Boyo
Baby Father - Linval Thompson
Mr. Dynamite - Bunny Lie Lie & Lee Van Cleef
Dynamite Dub - Roots Radics
Youths Pon The Corner - John Holt
All Kind Of People - Al Campbell
Last Dance - Al Campbell
If I Had Known - Ken Boothe
Welfare People - Ken Boothe
I Wan – Winston Hussey


Special Request - Don Carlos
Water Pumpee - Wailing Souls
Peeping Tom - John Holt
Sexy – Hugh Griffiths
Now – Anthony Johnson
Ghetto Dance - Michael Palmer & Jim Brown
Prison Oval Rock (Master Mix) - Barrington Levy
Prison Oval Rock (Dub Plate Mix) - Barrington Levy
Thinking - Ken Boothe
Valley Of Peace - Ken Boothe

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

DaddyRich's Love Compilation Disc 1

Since DaddyRich is lucky to have so much love in his life for so many years (look at that face above, what woman could possibly refuse?), I figured I would share some of the songs that bring it to my feeble old mind. Some are oldies, others are punk rock songs and many are somewhere in between. I also am answering another request by hobbling together another compilation. It seemed to me that of someone like Bob Dylan can do theme shows, why cannot DaddyRIch? Well, for one thing, I lack the software necessary, but I do have lots of music and can put together folders with my favorites - almost the next best thing. So, listen to these with one you love or are trying to get to love you. Who knows? It may do the trick. There will be a few more of these if you peeps are digging it. Let me know....

1. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" - The Smiths
2. "Made Of Stone" - The Stone Roses
3. "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" - The Beach Boys
4. "The Scientist" - Coldplay
5. "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
6. "You're Beautiful" - James Blunt
7. "I Want To Be There (When You Come)" - Echo & The Bunnymen
8. "Silly Girl" - The Desendents
9. "Don't Take Away My Heaven" - Aaron Neville
10. "Coffee & TV" - Blur
11. "All I Want" - The Lightning Seeds
12. "See A Little Light" - Bob Mould
13. "In My Life" - The Beatles

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The Velvet Underground - Etc.

The second part of the Velvet's Request to be fulfilled by DaddyRich for a good friend of the blog. I only wish I could remember where these came from and how they got to me - when in doubt I always send thanks to SFRP and the great people there. Enjoy more rare Velvet Underground goodness....yum.

1. Cycle Annie
2. The Ostrich
3. Sneaky Pete
4. You're Driving Me Insane
5. Conversation
6. Foggy Notion
7. Inside Your Heart
8. I'm Sticking With You
9. Ferryboat Bill
10. Noise

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The Velvet Underground - And So On

I seem to be filling more and more requests as this day goes on... Anyway - this one was close at hand and since not nearly enough vinyl gets posted here, I am proud to be able to give to those who don't already have. This collection has enough interesting rarities and oddities to keep Velvet's fans up all night. Hope you enjoy and I will get back to my regular scheduled sharing and sit on the requests for a while...

1. Guess I'm Falling In Love
2. It's Alright (The Way That You Live)
3. Pale Blue Eyes
4. One Of These Days
5. Radio Ad
6. Black Angel's Death Song
7. I'm Not Too Sorry
8. Stephanie Says
9. Loop

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Tears For Fears - The Best Of Remixes

Another re-post for kind readers who asked long ago. This one was nearing 600 downloads before the debacle. Hope a few enjoy it. Got some good tunes here.

Shout [Beatchuggers Remix] [Mix]
Change [New Version]
Woman in Chains [Mix 42] [Mix]
Sowing the Seeds of Love [Wen's Overnight Mix] [Mix]
Pale Shelter [Extended Version/12" Mix?QC] [Mix]
Head Over Heels [Dave Bascombe's 7" N. Mix] [Mix]
I Believe [A Soulful Re-Recording] [Mix]
Tears Roll Down [U.S. Dance Mix] [Mix]
Everybody Wants to Rule the World [Urban Mix]
Mad World [World Mix]
Mother's Talk [Beat the Drum Mix] [Mix]
Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams [Unstable Mix] [Mix]

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Pearl Jam - Vitalogy Demos July 1994

It's always good to find Pearl Jam demo's and share them with my good friends. Although I am most often trumped by my good blogger-friend Heather B. at 'I Am Fuel, You Are Friends', I still plug away at it. 'Vitalogy' was really the last Pearl Jam album I listened to as a whole. I still enjoy their live concert discs and assorted tracks but no longer just put one on and listen all the way through. Must be getting real old, eh? Two of my favorite songs of theirs are represented her in demo form and I am thrilled to hear them - 'Corduroy' and 'Better Man'. Hope you like it, too.

01 Warm Up
02 Last Exit
03 Corduroy
04 Guitar Effect #1
05 Spin the Black Circle
06 Not For You
07 Tremor Christ
08 Nothingman
09 Whipping
10 Satan's Bed
11 Bugs
12 Guitar Effect #2
13 Better Man
14 Hard to Imagine
15 Corduroy (Mix 2)
16 Corduroy (Mix 2)
17 Hard to Imagine

These are flac's and I am forbidden to encode them to mp3, so help yourselves once you get them!
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