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The Sisters Of Mercy - Demos & Remixes 1983-1991

It has been far too long since I had a Sisters Of Mercy post and was beginning to wonder if I could find one to post. Like a lot of my favorite bands I have all their studio albums , but this blog isn't (always) about official releases and I tend to try not to post them. I have a decent amount of rarites and demos from The Sisters but they were almost all aquired back in the Napster days of doing it one-track-at-a-time (God, I don't miss those days) and therefore I don't have much in the way of a cohesive collection to share with you, my friends. Sure, I may have 100 scattered tracks but do not have the time with which to whip them into shape - maybe someday but not any time soon, sorry to say. So, let's have this little beauty serve us in the inerim. A nice little collection of demos and extended remixes (and you thought 'This Corrosion' was already long enough? Ha!) that are a staple of my music collection and that I hope many of you will enjoy as well.

1. This Corrosion(long mix)
2. Lucretia My Reflection(remix)
3. Marian(japan-version)
4. No Time to Cry(alternative version)
5. Burn(demo)
6. Anaconda(outtake)
7. Afterhours (demo)
8. Dance on Glass(demo)
9. Heartland(demo)
10. Jolene(demo)
11. Body Electric (session)
12. Valentine(demo)
13. Floorshow(demo)
14. Dominion-Mother Russia(eldritch mix)
15. A Rock and A Hard Place(alternative version)

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INXS - Something XTRA Live at Wembley 1991

I love the music of INXS. This statement lnoy serves to fuel my speculation of my impending memory loss when I wonder why I have not bought their penultimate live album 'Live Baby Live' yet, That's just one of those that slipped throught the cracks, I guess. Apparently the 'Live Baby Live' concert was at Wembley in 1991, and thought I am not aware of how many nights they played there on that tour,my track list here doen't jibe with the one I found whilst looking for more show information on them thar internets. Regardelss of my brain farts and lack of researching acumen - this is a thoroughly enjoyable show by one of the most talented bands of their (or any) era. I shall not bore you with what has laready been said about their musical genius and instrumental abilities. I will also spare you a lenghty essay upon the great Micaheal Hutchence and al that he was to so many people. just sit back and enjoy the live sound of one of the best and most missed bands.

Disc 1 -

1. Guns In The Sky
2. Kick
3. Need You Tonight
4. Mediate
5. Know The Difference
6. Disappear
7. By My Side
8. Hear That Sound

Disc 2-

1. What You Need
2. New Sensation
3. The Only One
4. The Stairs
5. Never Tear Us Apart
6. Who Pays The Price?
7. Devil Inside
8. Original Sin
9. Lately
10. The Loved One
11. Wildlife
12. Mystify
13. Bitter Tears
14. Suicide Blonde

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Weezer - Acoustic Compilation

Once again, the mighty Weez. They are already sorely missed by DaddyRich and family (Richie caught on right before the last album) but luckily we have the dvd with all the videos - so that helps assuage the loss a bit. Since Weezer never released an acoustic album proper, we have had to cherish this compilation made by some unknown benefactor in it's stead. Of course, it's not as clean and slicked up as a proper Unplugged segment would be but I am grateful just to have these in the old collection. The tracks on this album were culled from multiple sessions and are indicated in the track listing. Hope you enjoy and if you find cool Weezer stuff - send a mail to DaddyRich to let me know.

Songs are from these various sources -

Shorecrest High School Acoustic Show 11/9/96 (7 Songs)

WFNX 101-7 Radio Acoustic Session 11/22/94 (2 Songs)

Y100 Acoustic Sonic Session in Philadelphia 6/20/97 (7 Songs)

107-7 The End 7:30 Spotlight Show 05-21-97 (2 Songs)

Live Salzburg Austria -Date Unknown- (6 Songs)

Rivers Cuomo & Matt Sharp Acoustic Set Fullerton,Ca. 2/12/94 (8 Songs)

Enjoy the Weeziness!

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Greensleeves 12 " Collection

Is there a greater name for roots reggae lovers? Even though my reggae posts are among the least visited, I know I have helped a few to appreciate the art form. I will also continue to post for the wonderful folks who have expressed their gratitiude and in hopes of getting more folks converted. This will be a mega big post of all my Greensleeves 12" records that were a gift of mp3's from a great friend and will make anyone's day brighter. So here we go with the first installment with many more to follow and it includes such legends as The Wailing Souls, the under-appreciated Capital Letters and the immortal Barrington Levy. Enjoy! Also check out the best reggae blogs - schrikdraad, cunadelreggae and rockersradio!!!


War - Wailing Souls & Ranking Trevor
Thank You For Last Night - Cygnus
Jah Man - Cygnus
Babylon you got to set my children free- Cyngus
Smoking My Ganja- Capital Letters
Natty Walk - Capital Letters
Wisdom Of Jah - I.Jarzif
Rise Ethiopians - I.Haicideons & I.Jarzif
Sister Carol - Barrington Levy
Fly Away Home - Pablo Gad


See Baba Joe - Wailing Souls
Gates Of Zion - Mighty Diamonds
Know Myself - Junior Reid
Another One Bites The Dust - Clint Eastwood & General Saint
Young Lover - Clint Eastwood & General Saint
Cassandra - Michael Prophet
Gunman - Michael Prophet
? - Papa Michigan & ?
Trouble Nobody - Michael Prophet
Do You Remember - Eek-A-Mouse


Big Ship - Freddie McGregor
Fat She Fat - John Holt
Terrorists In The City - Eek-A-Mouse
Who Can Make The Dance Ram - Yellowman
Born For A Purpose / Reason For Living - Dr Alimantado & The Rebels
Still Alive Life All - Dr Alimantado & The Rebels
Where Is Jah - Reggae Regular
Black Star Liner - Reggae Regular
Bloody Eyes - Keith Hudson
Bloody Eyes Dub - Keith Hudson


Panic Dub - Ranking Joe & The Revolutionaires
The Hotter Claps Clap Them - Ranking Joe & The Steppers
Perilous Times - Mystic Eyes & Trinity
Roots Man Version - Revolutionaries
Natty dread Style - The Revolutionairies
Good Life - The Heptones
ide From Jah - The Heptones
A Di System - African Brothers - Matumbi
Prince Jammys Magic - Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators
Sitting In The Park - Dr Alimantado And The Rebels

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80's Hits Stripped - Various Artists

Since I am on the 80's tip here for the moment (we never know what's coming next, do we?) I thought I would add this for the other old fogeys who visit the Ape. A good 10 of these 15 tracks were well worn on my record player on a regular basis back in the old days, so if anyone else feels any guilt about that like I do - these versions will validate your youthful indiscretion. I tried to ignore my love for a lot of these for the last 20 years, claiming to have "moved on", but I suppose I never totally did.
In a time when image seemed to matter so much more than actual talent some groups and individuals really made some music that has stood the test of the last 25 years and most likely will continue to as well. Even though my 1980's tastes have usually run to to the more alternative acts for a long time now, there is quite a bit to appreciate here.

1. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
2. Colin Hay of Men at Work - Down Under
3. The Outfield - Your Love
4. Berlin - The Metro
5. Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame
6. Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
7. The Motels - Only the Lonely
8. Tommy Tutone - 867-5309/Jenny
9. John Waite - Missing You
10. Heart - These Dreams
11. Thomas Dolby - Blinded Me With Science
12. Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises
13. Asia - Heat of the Moment
14. Jane Wiedlin 0f The Go-Gos - Our Lips Are Listen
15. Billy Squier - The Stroke

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Depeche Mode - Everything Counts & Live Tracks 12" EP

Been stuck on 1960's tracks lately, haven't I? Okay - let's move forward a bit to the wacky and wild 1980's. Of all the disposable music that lacked talent and heart - these boys stand out as the opposite. They brought great craft and wonderful lyrical sense to their songs, especially from this era of the band. They were on top of the world when this record came out and it was after years of toil in the over-crowded and under-talented Euro-Synth-Pop Scene, so true talent wins out in the long run, eh? I am not saying that their songs & lyrics changed the world or anyhting but they certainly do not deserve the slagging they seem to catch a lot of now by fans from way back. I will not abandon them and give you here an example of them at their peak of popularity. I can also vouch for their live prowess - I saw them in 1991 on the World Violation Tour (Dodger Stadium, anyone else there then?) and it was quite the spectacle and worth every penny. Also - has any other band showed so much love to their fans by offering so many extras on their 12" singles? Ther's no bullshit 'A' side and an instrumental on the flip - this is value for your money. Do your collection a favor and get this.

1. Everything Counts (Original 7'' Mix
2. New Life (Live)
3. Boys Say Go! (Live)
4. Nothing To Fear (Live)
5. The Meaning Of Love (Live)
6. Everything Counts (Original 12'')

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The Beatles - The Abbey Road Companion

Ok, before all you Beatle Bootleg experts chime in - I already know this isn't the best Abbey Road Beatleg there is. But this isn't a Beatle Bootleg blog, is it? I am just trying to share some of these things with my friends here. These are alternates (and one or two outright fakes, depending upon whom you ask...) and outtakes of songs from my favorite Beatle album and although it lacks the best sound quality I am still a proud owner. I am also proud I didn't pay the $75 that import record store wanted and they wouldn't even let me take a test spin in the store. If you love these boys then I am reasonably sure you will find something to grasp onto with this one and I am always looking for more Abbey Road rarities if anyone wants to bring them to the Ape. Give it a spin and add it to the collection - there's always more to come.

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The Beatles - Corn Of The Apple

Yet another disc of thses fellas, I think they are good enough to have some kind of a future in this business, you know? Anyone sick of these yet? Because I sure love these boys. These tracks are selected from the infamous Twickenham sessions in 1969 when someone had the bright idea to record the entire sessions /rehearsals for the next Beatles album. Of course they caught all the rancor and bile of a group falling apart and it is painful listening if you have all of the (many, many) discs of these sessions, like some of us do. Just a lot of in-fighting and jockeying for position and we all get to see how shabby George was treated and how Ringo basically happened upon the greatest gravy train in history. This disc has, lucky for us, most of the great songs that were recorded and none of the arguments and is a favorite of DaddyRichs' and I hope you all will enjoy it, too.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Social Distortion - Demos, Promos & Covers

I believe this gem first came to me thorugh hangoverheartattack and I always hightly recommend the music there - Support Your Favorite Bloggers!! Click Ads!! Leave Comments!! Anyway - I don't have nearly enough Social Distortion rarities discs but am always looking to augment my meager collection - so anyone have any? Words cannot say how cool Mike Ness is for doing his own thing for so long in the face of massive opposition, he was rockabilly when it was pretty much only himself and Brian Setzer carrying the flag into battle. Now, of course, everyone has always listened to Eddie Cochrane, Carl Perkins and other legends of the genre - but no one would have dared admit it years ago. Hell, I may not have even given Johnny Cash a chance myself (other than lip service payment) unless I had first heard Social Distortion doing 'Ring Of Fire' way back when. I am sure many Johnny fans were born then as well as fans of Social D. I can also vouch for the quality of the live show - fucking great. Pardon my French. So, enjoy these and hopefully more to come.

1-shame on me
2-behind closed doors
3-shame on me (live at cbgb's)
4-all the answers (demo)
5-alone and forsaken
6-ball & chain (edit)
7-i fought the law (the clash cover)
8-i wanna be sedated (ramones cover)
9-it's all over now (rolling stones cover)
10-justice for all
11-lonesome train
12-lude boy (demo)
14-making believe (acoustic)
15-moral threat (demo)
16-playpen (demo)
17-pretty thing (bo diddley cover)
18-smash the glass (demo)

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Tom Morrello - Bold As Rage

A nice collection of work from the greatest guitar innovator of my generation, in my humble opinion. Som eof the things the man can do with that guitar are supernatural to my ears. It was easy to tell from the very start with Rage Against The Machine that he was going to be something special and even without Zack doing vocal duties anymore Tom is still the integral part of the hardest rhythm section in all popular music, bar none. This disc is a share from the mighty SFRP again and it saved me a lot of time in going through my various Rage and Audioslave rarities and such and I figured if it was so great for me, then it will be just as good for my good friends here at the Ape. This will also be a nice lead-in for my various Rage/Audioslave posts to come these weeks to come. Don't you think?

01 - Ain't Nothing Da Fuck Wit (Feat. Wu Tang Clan & Chad Smith)
02 - Come with Me (Feat. Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page)
03 - Where the Sky meets the Street (Lock Up)
04 - Maniac (Lock Up)
05 - Clear the Lane (RATM Demo Tape)
06 - Darkness (RATM,The Crow Soundtrack)
07 - Bombtrack (RATM, Single Bonus Track)
08 - No Shelter (RATM, Godzilla Soundtrack)
09 - Enola Gay (Weatherman Sessions)
10 - Drop (Weatherman Sessions)
11 - Action Man (Weatherman Sessions)
12 - One Man Army (Prodigy, Spawn Soundtrack)
13 - Snoop Bounce (RATM & Snoop Dog)
14 - Another Brick In The Wall (Class of 99)
15 - It's a Rockin' World (Joe Strummer)
16 - Electric Uncle Sam (Primus)
17 - Calling Dr. Love (Shandi's Addiction)
18 - Here I Come (Audioslave & DMX)
19 - Until the End (The Nightwatchman)
20 - Where the Streets Have No Name (Axis of Justice)

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Johnny Cash & Friends - BBC Show 1968

1968 - The watershed year for Johnny's comeback from the mess he had made of his earlier years. This year saw him sober and touring again, with June, Carl Perkins and The Statler Brothers. It was also the same year he did his famous concert for the inmates at Folsom Prison and I hear they even released a record of that show. This particular gem, though, does not have a lot of information available, I am sorry to say. Looking up "Johnny Cash BBC Concert 1968" on google yielded nothing of substance. So I can give you my take on it here. It definitely sounds like it's been ripped from vinyl and after a few seconds of sound adjustment at the very beginning it is a vintage Cash performance. Many of his hits are in evidence and his stage banter, as ever, is worth the download. As well, we get some songs from the great Carl Perkins. He was a great conscience for popular music and although flawed (as we all are) he was a giant amongst Lilliputians in our world. You are missed, Mr. Cash.

1. Big River / I Still Miss Someone
2. Ballad Of Ira Hayes
3. Another Song To Sing
4. Orange Blossom Special
5. Ballad Of Boot Hill
6. Lake County Cotton Country/Turn Around/Matchbox
7. On The Outside Looking In/Country Boy's Dream
8. I Got Stripes
9. Long Black Veil/Delia/Dark As A Dungeon/Folsom Prison Blues
10. Jackson
11. Last Thing On My Mind/Bye Bye, Bye Bye
12. The Old Account
13. Ring Of Fire/Outro

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Johnny Cash - Personal File 2 Discs of Unreleased Sessions

I have been sitting on this one here for a while wondering whether or not to post but have finally caved in. This incredible collection of his songs had been sitting in a box amongst his personal affects in his home studio and all date from 1973 - 1977 and are all acoustic renditions of standards, spiritual songs and spoken-word poetry. If you only love Cash for the obvious hits and don't care to dig too deep into what made him tick - then don't bother with this one. For those who do care to learn more you can give this a listen and be amazed. I usually have no patience for religious music (excepting reggae, of course) and especially for Christian recordings because so often they sound sanitized and devoid of any.....what is the word? Soul, yes that's it. But a select few people can convey their strong belief in music and convince even the hard-hearted DaddyRich and move me - among them Ray Charles, Hank Williams Sr. and the late, great Johhny Cash. I hope this does the same for some of you.

Disc 1
1 The Letter Edged in Black previously unreleased 2:39
2 There's a Mother Always Waiting at Home previously unreleased 4:21
3 The Engineer's Dying Child previously unreleased 2:07
4 My Mother Was a Lady previously unreleased 3:36
5 The Winding Stream previously unreleased 2:37
6 Far Away Places previously unreleased 2:23
7 Galway Bay previously unreleased 1:45
8 When I Stop Dreaming previously unreleased 3:11
9 Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes previously unreleased 3:32
10 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen previously unreleased 2:28
11 Missouri Waltz previously unreleased 2:00
12 Louisiana Man previously unreleased 3:28
13 Paradise previously unreleased 3:03
14 I Don't Believe You Wanted to Leave previously unreleased 2:56
15 Jim, I Wore a Tie Today previously unreleased 2:47
16 Saginaw, Michigan previously unreleased 2:29
17 When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below) previously unreleased 2:16
18 Girl in Saskatoon previously unreleased 2:17
19 The Cremation of Sam McGee previously unreleased 5:33
20 Tiger Whitehead previously unreleased 4:44
21 It's All Over previously unreleased 2:49
22 A Fast Song previously unreleased 2:32
23 Virgie previously unreleased 2:57
24 I Wanted So previously unreleased 2:41
25 It Takes One to Know Me previously unreleased 3:14

Disc 2
1 Seal It in My Heart and Mind previously unreleased 1:51
2 Wildwood in the Pines previously unreleased 2:41
3 Who at My Door Is Standing previously unreleased 2:31
4 Have Thine Own Way Lord previously unreleased 3:43
5 Lights of Magdala previously unreleased 2:26
6 If Jesus Ever Loved a Woman previously unreleased 2:39
7 The Lily of the Valley previously unreleased 1:45
8 Have a Drink of Water previously unreleased 3:36
9 The Way Worn Traveler previously unreleased 2:03
10 Look Unto the East previously unreleased 2:12
11 Matthew 24 (Is Knocking at the Door) previously unreleased 1:57
12 The House Is Falling Down previously unreleased 2:51
13 One of These Days I'm Gonna Sit Down and Talk to Paul previously unreleased 3:20
14 What on Earth (Will You Do for Heaven's Sake) previously unreleased 2:44
15 My Children Walk in Truth previously unreleased 2:50
16 No Earthly Good previously unreleased 1:51
17 Sanctified previously unreleased 2:33
18 Lord, Lord, Lord previously unreleased 2:20
19 What Is Man previously unreleased 2:24
20 Over the Next Hill (We'll Be Home) previously unreleased 2:55
21 A Half a Mile a Day previously unreleased 4:25
22 Farther Along previously unreleased 2:57
23 Life's Railway to Heaven previously unreleased 2:14
24 In the Sweet Bye and Bye previously unreleased 2:50

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Merry Christmas To All Of You!!!!!!!

My fingers are hurting and my eyes are crossing from tonights entries but I wanted to take the time to thank all you good people for coming here and now I will go sit on the bench outside. Hmmmm.... seems a bit of a chill is coming on. Oh well.

DaddyRich's Mega Beatle Boots Post For X-Mas!!

For you, my friends - a few of the best band ever. Some hard-to-find gems here and I do hope you enjoy. My gift to you all for being friends of the Ape. Have a Merry Christmas, A Krazy Kwanzaa and hope you had a dignified Ramadan. Not a lot of time to post track lists but I will soon. Listen and enjoy!

Acoustic Submarine (2 Discs)

The Off-White Bootleg

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Dane Cook - Harmful If Swallowed

Oh Lordy is this one funny. For any fan of the comedy I have posted so far - you will love this one as well. Take my word for it. I totally agree that he may be over-hyped and have some annoying fans (reminiscent of Dice Clay fans?) but his humor is undeniable. And trust me - I tried to deny it.

1. Intro
2. Parking Structure
3. Umm, Helllllo?
4. Car Accident
5. Tire In The Face
6. Would You Rather...
7. Fireman & Policeman & Miniature Golf Course Security Guard
8. BK Lounge, The
9. Pregnant Lady
10. Five Sisters
11. Slip 'N' Bleed
12. Speak 'N' Spell
13. Operation-Monopoly
14. Don't Tickle Me
15. Bathroom
16. Pranks
17. Fuk And The Finga
18. Just Wanna Dance
19. Head
20. Nightmare
21. Hopped Up On The Q
22. Not So Kool-Aid
23. Pick A Number Please!
24. Bonus Track!

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Echo & The Bunnymen - Some Rarities 1979-1985

All praise is due to SFRP and AlienOnAcid for this beauty. Of course, long time readers/friends will know of my love for the Bunnymen and Ian solo - so no surprise, like a dog to it's own vomit, I return. Bad analogy. Anyways, I almost jumped out of my oh-so comfortable seat (and pants) when I saw this one available at SFRP and was so very happy with the sound and collation of this package. Loaded with rare 7" versions and B-Sides and non-album tracks - this thing is sure to please and make X-Mas great for any Bunnymen fan. Please enjoy and share the music, it IS the season, after all.

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The Damned - Sessions Of The Damned

Of course, you gotta love The Damned. It has been a few months since my last Damned post and I feel this is the nexrt one to share. Great top to bottom with some sessions done for the late, great Mr. John Peel (may he rest in piece) and various other sources. I am in a rush at the moment and will leave the duty of a more informed opinion to this piece I found whilst floating among the Flotsam and Jetsom of the interwebs....

"Collecting the band’s six appearances on John Peel’s BBC radio show from 1976 to 1984, this album shows the Damned in all their evolving stages. With personnel changes—though the cover touts the band’s original lineup—and stylistic change ups, this collection shows the evolution of the band, from its wild punk days through its experimental post-punk phase to its darker Gothic side. From start to finish, this collection showcases both the band’s live abilities as well as its overlooked songwriting skills.

While the sound quality on these recordings isn’t top of the line, especially on a handful culled from cassette recordings of the original broadcast, they hold up well enough to keep this album easily listenable. Though guitars fade in and out, singer Dave Vanian’s stentorian voice dominates the mix, making most tracks sound full-bodied despite poor engineering.

More important than sound quality on this album, however, is its attention to the band’s development as songwriters. Long remembered more as a goof-off punk band, Sessions shows both the band’s raging punk side as well as its more developed, later work. Songs like the classic "New Rose" and "Neat Neat Neat," recorded in 1976, capture the immediacy of the burgeoning punk movement the band led, while songs like "I Just Can’t Be Happy Today," and "Curtain Call," find the band progressing into more contemplative regions. Much more than the band was ever given credit for, the Damned succeeded in growing out of punk’s death throes into a legitimate band able to diversify."

1. Stab Your Back
2. Neat, Neat, Neat
3. New Rose
4. So Messed Up
5. I Fall
6. Sick of Being Sick
7. Stretcher Case Baby
8. Fan Club
9. Feel the Pain
10. Melody Lee
11. I'm a Burglar
12. Love Song
13. Looking at You - The Damned, MC5
14. I Just Can't Be Happy Today
15. Smash It Up
16. I'm So Bored
17. Curtain Call, Pt. 1
18. Therapy
19. Is It a Dream?
20. Nasty
21. We Love You
22. Thanks for the Night

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David Bowie - The Superstar Concert Series

Yes, even more Bowie for my good friends here at the Ape. This little lovely is a combination of two older shows that was broadcast as part of the "Superstars Concert Series" in 2002 on the radio. God only knows where and what station because every time I turn on the radio (granted, not too often - I have enough music to keep me busy right here) all I hear is commercials. This was another great find by every music-lovers friend, AlienOnAcid - about whom not enough kind words can be said. There is a nice fillet of David's career on this and fans will be pleasently pleased by the song selection and performance. Enjoy, and of course - more Bowie in the pipeline.

Track 1-Show Promo
Track 2-introduction
Track 3-Hearts Filthy Lesson
Track 4-"Heroes" (Bowie/Eno)
Track 5-Lust for Life (Bowie/Pop)
Track 6-All the Young Dudes
Track 7-White Light, White Heat (Reed)
Track 8-Moonage Daydream
Track 9-Space Oddity
Track 10-Changes
Track 11-TVC15
Track 12-Rebel Rebel
Track 13-Ashes to Ashes
Track 14-Starman
Track 15-Fashion
Track 16-Blue Jean
Track 17-Let's Dance
Track 18-Suffragette City/credits

Tracks 2-8 : (Phoenix Festival, Stratford, England, july 18 1996)

Tracks 1,9-18 : (NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan, may 16 1990)

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Genesis - Rock Theatre (1973)

A German-Only release at it's birth, this was apparently their record companies attempt to package the complex Genesis for the average AM/FM radio fan. It seems to me that you either get it with Gabriel-era genesis or you don't, I can't imagine many fans being won over by this and the band themselves parted with Gabriel about 18 months later. They would have indeed been something to see in their time and the pictures from their shows certainly presage later Gabriel-influenced bands and rock theatre in general. Truly a visual spectacle that was backed up by deft musicianship and the inimitable voice/flute/histrionics of the great Mr. Gabriel. Too bad he poo-poo'd the reunion. I was very much looking forward to it. More on the way, my good friends.

Also - found a cool tidbit on the internets -

"Notes: This German release has some great songs and the near 23 minute long Supper's Ready for you listening pleasure. Gabriel's words and Tony Banks music, aided by the rest of the gang, take us on a tour of their mind. Phil has yet to move on up to the vocal mic and fills his percussive roll ably. All the pieces collected here travel well to the stage and the theater-like presentation Gabriel prefers. The from cover photo of our boy the alien, along Mike and his double-neck guitar give us peek of their performance style. The back cover has a few interesting promo's for the likes of The Turtles, Aphrodite's Child and the Yardbirds and more. A nice piece for the true Genesis collector."

1. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
2. Harold The Barrel
3. Harlequin
4. Watcher Of The Skies
5. Fountain Of Salmacis
6. Supper's Ready

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Parliament - First Thangs

A collection for the true fan of the P-Funk sound. The sound on this record isn't your fully-evolved bouncing funk of later works by these musical geniuses. It appears to my ears than George Clinton & Co. were still messing around to find that true P-Funk sound that we all know and love. Many styles are apparent here, early funk, Southern Soul, Country and rock and roll. So, listen with an ear unprejudiced by later works and you will thoroughly enjoy the great music. Also, a couple of cuts here were alter re-worked into songs we all know and love Enjoy the adventure, children.

1. Red Hot Mama
2. Come In Out Of The Rain
3. Fantasy Is Reality
4. Breakdown
5. Loose Booty
6. Unfinished Instrumental
7. I Call My Baby Pussycat
8. Put Love In Your Life
9. Little Old Country Boy
10. Moonshine Heather (Takin' Care Of Business)
11. Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer
12. My Automobile
13. There Is Nothing Before Me But Thang
14. Funky Woman
15. Livin' The Life
16. The Silent Boatmen

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The Boogie Boys - City Life (1985)

Taking you all way back once again. Not too many who weren't involved in the scene at the time know about this gem. So here's DaddyRich to your rescue! It cannot be over-eatimated how much of a hit 'A Fly Girl' was to the early 80's B-Boys and we played it till it hurt. Forever after, everything that was cool was 'Fly' and the phrase still makes it's prescence known in my daily conversations, much to my wife's annoyance. Boogie Night and Romeo JD & Lil Raheim made a few moe albums after this one, but sadly were never more popular or relevant in the movement that was second-wave hip-hop. Lucky for us we still have this and if you are a crate digger (and I hope we all are here) you can find it pretty cheap and cop it for yourself. I think I am going to play this bad boy tonight while I finish my Christmas wrapping. Peace.

1. Runnin From Your Love
2. Do Or Die
3. Breakdancer
4. A Fly Girl
5. City Life
6. Party Asteriod
7. You Ain't Fresh
8. Shake And Break

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Genesis - The BBC Recordings 1970-1972

I am really glad that so many kind folks have encouraged DaddyRich to put up some of the classic Genesis rarities that are in my collection. Seeing and hearing their beginnings will really serve to make one weep to see what they became. But I guess it really all boils down to money in the music business, right? Oh wait, you say Peter Gabriel did his thing and never compromised and STILL made loads of cash? Interesting. Oddly enough, one of the better stories about their origin and break-up was on VH1 a few years ago and I highly recommend anyone watch it if it plays again. Enough of me and my recommendations, here is a great early BBC collection of the boys at their most experimental. Although I much prefer the 'Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' era Genesis, this stuff is too delciate and rare not to share with my great friends this time of year. This is just the beginning of these posts, more to come. Enjoy.
Yet another morning where I am in a hurry to Richie ready for school on time - last day before Christmas break for the little one's! Come on by today and hang out while DaddyRich plays the first disc of the Genesis Archive with the live performance of 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' while he cleans the house. It is a sight to see.

track lists on the back disc scans and no more time to type. Hope you all enjoy.

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The Beatles - Revolution Bootleg

Ah, the gift of music at Christmas time. I do love me some Beatles rartities any time of the year, actually. This is definitely one of the better boots out there and includes some rare gems. We have included here the great David Frost show versions of 'Revolution' and 'Hey Jude' as well as crucial demos and home recordings and we can all just ignore Yoko on the 23 minute ( ! ) long 'Revolution # 9 ' which I could never stomach anyway. Please share this one with all your Beatle-fan-friends and look foward to more from DaddyRich in the future.

01 Mellotron Music No.1 (May 1968, John's home demo)
02 Girl (Nov 1968, Monitor mix)
03 We Can Work It Out / Lucy From Littletown (Oct 1965, Paul's demo 1965, John's poem recorded over Paul's demo)
04 Michelle (Sep 1965, Paul's instrumental demo)
05 We Can Work It Out (20 Oct 1965, Take 2, SS.PM1.02.02, Prior to vocals and harmonium overdubs)
06 It's Not Too Bad (Sep 1966, John's demo #1)
07 It's Not Too Bad (Sep 1966, John's demo #2)
08 It's Not Too Bad (Sep 1966, John's demo #3)
09 Good Morning, Good Morning (Feb 1967, Home demo)
10 Mellotron Music No.2 (May 1968, John's home demo)
11 Revolution (10 Jul 1968, mono mix - minus bass & organ)
12 Across The Universe (8 Feb 1968, Take 8 RM2 ('Hums Wild'), SS.PM2.13.08.RM2, Alternate mix with the extracts of the 'Hums Wild' Sounds effect. No Orchestration or Animal Sounds at this stage)
13 Revolution 9 (Jun 1968, Alternate Mix)
14 Mellotron Music No.3 (May 1968, John's home demo)
15 Julia (1968, John's home demo)
16 Strange In My Arms (May 1968, John's home demo)
17 Revolution 1 (4 Jun 1968, offline recording Take 20, with Yoko commentary)
18 Hey Jude (4 Sep 1968, Promo TV David Frost Show)
19 Revolution (4 Sep 1968, Promo TV David Frost Show)

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The Fat Boys - Self-Titled 1984

Another post on which I can express pity for those who weren't around when hip-hop was shaking the world. Every month it seemed new artists were emerging and producing classic records, and strangely enough - it was true. A personal favorite from back in the day was the great Fat Boys. Beginning as the Disco 3 and getting a lot of love from their native New York, it wasn't until they embraced the monicker Fat Boys that they blew up and became stars. For a extremely poorly acted (but with great heart) origin scene Daddy recommends watching Krush Groove. I watch it everytime I possibly can and still think although it is a bit goofy - listen to the music! But I digress... as much as Doug E. Fresh can calim to be the Original Human Beat Box, all of us on the West Coast first heard it from The Fat Boys Buffy The Human Beat Box. And these cats had great skill with the music and the rhyming - don't be fooled if you have only heard their later output and, God forbid, ever seen one of their movies (anyone seen Disorderlies? oh, the shaaaaame). They were among the pioneers of hip-hops great second wave and will always get much play on DaddyRich's stereo. I hope a couple of you will enjoy as well. Not a stinker on this whole record. R.I.P Human Beat Box and Kool Rock.

"Jail House Rap" – 8:30
"Stick'Em" – 4:26
"Can You Feel It?" – 6:38
"Fat Boys" – 6:50
"The Place to Be" – 4:26
"Human Beat Box" – 2:16
"Don't You Dog Me" – 5:50

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H.R. Pufnstuf

Let's all give a big thanks and a visit to Vinnie Rattolle's great blog, where DaddyRich found this a few weeks back. There have been some compilations with shady quality released before but his dvd rip is the best I have heard so far. I don't know if his links are still active but I know a lot of folks here have expressed frustration with MegaUpload and I feel their pain. So I have them uploaded to Rapidshare and send my sincerest thanks to Vinnie. I was very young when these shows were on but they made an enormous impression upon me that lasts to this day. I don't what they were smoking when the idea for this came to their minds but I applaud their creativity. The good thing is, they made a career out of using their wacked-out imaginations, right? All of this seems so crazy now, but as a very young child I had no problem with a boy having a talking flute named Freddie and talking trees, clouds, rocks and such. If you weren't there folks - the 1970's was a strange time for us all, kids and adults alike. One of the best parts of their many shows was always the music, and although I was a bit more partial to Sigmund The Seamonster as a kid - the music was always on-point. So, everyone give kudos to Vinnie for his hard work for our entertainment.

01. H.R. Pufnstuf Opening Theme - The Pufnstufs
02. Back Home - Jack Wild
03. The Prisoners Have Escaped (Instrumental)
04. How Lucky I Am - Jack Wild
05. Let's Hear It for The Boyds - The Boyds
06. Pronouns - Jack Wild
07. Oranges, Schmoranges - Billie Hayes
08. Mechanical Boy - Jack Wild
09. End of the Road - Jack Wild
10. Birthday Party (Instrumental)
11. Witchipoo Watches (Instrumental)
12. The Day We Gave Wishes Away - Jack Wild & Cast
13. Ice Cold Lemonade - Billie Hayes
14. Beautiful Song - Shirley Pufnstuf & Jack Wild
15. Stand-In (Instr)
16. Moonwalk - Judy Frog
17. The Loneliest Witch in Town - Billie Hayes
18. The Moment That I Saw Your Face - Jack Wild
19. Pufnstuf for Mayor - Jack Wild
20. Witchipoo for Mayor - Jack Wild
21. H.R. Pufnstuf (instrumental)
22. H.R. Pufnstuf Closing Theme - The Boyds

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Dave Chappelle - Killing Them Softly

Taking you all way back to 2000 for this one here. This is, of course, one of my all time modern favorites in comedy. Most often I find myself re-listening to older comedy albums and bemoaning the present state of this once-great art form. The emergence of Chappelle and Chris Rock around the same time gave DaddyRich faith that the funny would be carried on well into the next millennium. As usual, Dave's take on race relations are pretty funny and although I have never been comedy's typical-lame-white-guy kind of joke lover, he does it without making it seem less mean-spririted than most. It also helps that his best friend and co-writer is a white guy, I suppose. I have searched and can find no low points on this one, folks. Play and enjoy at your Christmas celebration. I know I will try but will most likely be voted down by the wife. Do it for DaddyRich - have fun.

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Police Academy - Strontium 90 (First Work as The Police Line-Up)

I hope a lot of folks who visit here are Police fans like myself. This one, although not so rare anymore is still a great item to round out the early Police recordings. A nice little snippet was found at Amazon with a little history...

"If you are a diehard Police fan, you are probably already familiar with the story behind this unusual snippet of the band's history. As the Police (at the time with Stewart Copeland, Sting, and Henry Padovani) were struggling to break onto the scene, the chance came to make some extra money helping out Mike Howlett with some demos and a Gong reunion at a concert festival. Henry was not needed for Mike already had a guitarist lined up: Andy Summers. As such this became the first time Sting, Andy, and Stewart performed together, and Andy would soon join the Police, setting the stage for the band's eventual worldwide success.

Therefore the live tracks on this album represent an important historical moment and are fascinating to listen to for that reason. "Three O'Clock Shot" is great as you can hear lyrics and music taking shape that would eventually become part of other Police songs, and it bristles with energy. "Visions of the Night" would later become a Police b-side. Most of the other tracks are Howlett compositions, and the difference is obvious--they aren't bad but they lack the vitality and freshness of the Sting tracks. A demo version of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" is a wonderful piece, although it feels completely out of place on the album. "

Although I don't completely agree with the review, you are welcome to form your own opinion.

1. Visions Of The Night
2. New World Blues
3. 3 O'Clock Shot - Live
4. Lady Of Delight
5. Electron Romance
6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
7. Towers Tumbled
8. Electron Romance - Live
9. Lady Of Delight - Live

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The 1981 Harlem World Rap Convention - Christmas battle

Aw, yes - another old school hip-hop post by yours truly. Can it really be 25 years? Damn, I am feeling even older now. Back in the days before all the stupid bling-bling, even worse female-objectification and what was important was that no fool get stupid and bust up the party. Oh, what a heady time for hip hop and the world. Let's all give thanks that Ronald Reagan is no longer president. Word. Enjoy!

01 Christmas Rappers Intro
02 Force MCs (MC Battle)
03 Johnny Wa (MC Battle)
04 Busy Bee (MC Battle)
05 Kool Moe Dee (MC Battle)
06 Cold Crush 4 (MC Battle)
07 Christmas Rappers Conclusion

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Sesame Street - A Sesame Street Christmas

Can't forget the little one's music this time of year, can I? Our beloved Sesame Street has a collection for every occasion and this is another gem. With a couple of DaddyRich's favorites, like 'I Hate Christmas' and 'All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)' sung by The Count - this is just sheer Christmas love for the kids. Put it on and have fun!

1. Sesame Street Christmas Overture - (with The Sesame Street Festival Orchestra)
2. We Wish You A Merry Christmas - (with The Company)
3. Medley: - The Company: Deck The Halls / Jingle Bells / White Christmas / Winter Wonderland - (fea...
4. I Hate Christmas - (with Oscar The Grouch)
5. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - (with Bert/Ernie)
6. Twelve Days Of Christmas, The - (with Cookie Monster/Elmo/Prairie Dawn/Grover/Bert/Ernie/Oscar Th...
7. True Blue Miracle, A - (with Hoots The Owl/Bob/Elmo/The Company)
8. Medley: - The Company: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas / Silver Bells / The Christmas...
9. All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) - (with The Count)
10. Christmas Pageant, A - (with Bert/Ernie/Prairie Dawn/Herry Monster/Grover/Cookie Monster)
11. Keep Christmas With You (All Through The Year) - (with Susan/Gordon/Big Bird/Luis/Hoots The Owl/B...
12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Reprise) - (with Elmo/Wolfgang The Seal/Oscar The Grouch/The Company)

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