Tuesday, December 19, 2006

94 East : Early Prince Recordings

While many collectors already have these recordings I am offering them here per a request. These are as far back as my Prince collection goes and although there are quite a few instrumentals, it's easy to see the man and his skills coming to the fore. Apparently a musician had married his cousin and heard of the kids abilities , which earned him an invitation to jam with his band 94 East. As far as I know these are the earliest Prince on tape and welcome anyone with earlier examples to post them. There is a volume 2 of these as well if anyone wants them posted, just let me know. As ever, much more Prince in the pipeline.

Disc: 1
1. Just Another Sucker
2. If You Feel Like Dancin'
3. Lovin' Cup
4. Games
5. Dance to the Music of the World
6. One Man Jam

Disc: 2
1. If You See Me
2. I'll Always Love You
3. Better Than You Think
4. If We Don't
5. You Can Be My Teacher
6. Love, Love, Love
7. Dance to the Music of the World [Practice Session]
8. If You See Me [Instrumental Version]
9. Games [Instrumental]
10. Better Than You Think [Instrumental Version]

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DaddyRich said...

Part 1 -


Part 2 -


Anonymous said...

thanx m8 would also like to give the vol2 a spin...

tony m said...

please sir give us more!

trebor said...

Fantastic but I only got disc 1 downloaded both parts but no disc 2?

help please i need this and more

Anonymous said...

ready for #2 when you are, oh generous one

Anonymous said...

excellent selection daddyrich. thanks

Jerome said...

Hey Daddyrich, I found a killer Prince bootleg from the 80's.


Sound quality is amazing. I was wondering if you had any Morris Day and The Time bootlegs. I can't find one anywhere. SOMEBODY BRING ME A MIRROR!