Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers - iTunes Exclusive B-Side Collection

A nice little taste of the Chili Peppers for all the kind folks who requested it. Don't get too spoiled by getting your requests - I just had this one laying around. I was surprised by the quality of the songs - they are all well executed and better than most bands could ever hope for as an 'A-Side'. A couple of soft surprises here that are good for palying when it's time to chill. The track with L.L. (as much love as I have for the man, and it's considerable - remember one of my first posts was Bigger & Deffer) is pretty bad, though.

1. Bicycle Song
2. Castles Made Of Sand
3. Little Miss Lover
4. I Make My Own Rules (LL Cool J)
5. Fat Dance
6. Over Funk
7. Runaway
8. Quixotic Elixir
9. Bob

link is floating in the ether...


DaddyRich said...

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Toothwaste said...

Thanx, I´ve been curious to hear some of these

Anonymous said...

Yes !!! this is the real deal ... thanks again daddyrich ! you've got lots of great stuff ;)

errie said...

They kick ass and already doing that for a long time. Thnx for this daddyrich...