Monday, December 04, 2006

The Carl Stalling Project: Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons, 1936-1958

It may come as a big surprise that besides loving music, comic books and things of that nature that I am also something of a classic animation nut. Even before I had children I still would watch a classic Chuck Jones or Bob Clampett cartoon if they were on since I already knew they were great - opposed to any of the (mostly) other crap on television. So, it comes naturally that I have fond memories of the music as well. For most of us born after 1970, Warner Brothers cartoons may have been our only outlet for any kind of symphonic music. I know it was for me, at least. I still have very little patience for "classical" music or symphonies, unless there is a cartoon playing at the same time. A perfect marrieage of image and sound.... ahhhh. Anyways, here is the first of a 2 part project to honor the genius of Carl Stalling and the work he did in his career for the Brothers Warner and I hope you will enjoy it even half as much as I do.

1. Putty Tat Trouble (Part 6)
2. Hillbilly Hare
3. Early WB Scores: The Depression Era: Porky's Poultry Plant / Milk And Money / Porky's Romance / D...
4. Good Egg, The - (Vintage Merrie Melody)
5. Various Cues From The Bugs Bunny Films: Rabbit Fire / Robot Rabbit / Half Fare Hare / Beanstalk B...
6. There They Go Go (complete Road Runner)
7. Stalling Self Parody: Music From Porky's Preview
8. Anxiety Montage Medley: Tree For Two / Claws For Alarm / Jumpin' Jupiter / Duck Dodgers In The 24...
9. Stalling: The War Years Medley: Nutty News / Puss "N" Booty / I Got Plenty Of Mutton / Behind The...
10. ...Cannibals: Caveman Inki / Porky's Ant / Robinson Crusoe Jr. / Which Is Which / Gorilla My Dreams
11. Carl Stalling With Milt Franklyn - (in session recording "Puddy Tat Trouble")
12. Speedy Gonzalez Meets Two Crows From Taco's
13. Medley: Powerhouse And Other Cats From The Early 50's: Turntale Wolf / Early To Bet / Drip Along ...
14. Porky In Wackyland: Dough For The Do-Do
15. To Itch His Own (Stalling's Last)

Just go ahead and guess where the link is....


DaddyRich said...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Anonymous said...

Qué maravilla de disco!!!!!!!!!!
Mil gracias.
Mahou (España)

Anonymous said...

wow, been looking for this for ages...

any chance of a megaupload link please?
rapidshare inaccessible for me.


mad rob

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare is the best. Now featuring a 3 week download countdown!!
Its a shame there's only 3000 alternative filehosts, but most lack the downloader abuse I know and live for.

DaddyRich said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your rapidshare-bashing. As if I give a crap, it's what I have chosen so go somehwere else. It's always worked fine for me. As for you Mad Rob, you asked kind enough that I will try to do a megaupload for you today.

katzzinator said...

As old-schooler I say thank you for this jewel, and I also give a $%§& WHERE you upload your stuff - the only thing that counts is THAT you upload your stuff.


Anonymous said...

Here, here! I totally agree. The fact that you post is, in itself, a beautiful thing. You could post it on my work's cork board and I would still appreciate it.

Keep it up... and thanks.

DaddyRich said...

Folks like you Katzzinator and Bags4112 are exactly the kind of people I love having visit. Thanks for coming and glad you comment.

Anonymous said...

thanx daddyrich.

loking forward to it.

mad rob

Paptoad said...

This music is permanently ingrained in my soul!

Thanks Daddyrich!

I've had volume 2 for years and now my life is complete! LOL!

Few tunes can jog my memory like this stuff. I believe my love of hot jazz, classical, and many others comes directly from watching these gems!

42nd Street was the film that saved Warner's during the depression. Merry Melodies and Looney Tunes were originally designed to show-off Warner's vast music catalogue.

I recently saw a performance of 42nd Street live at a theater. I was stunned that I knew every song from the danged cartoons! Hard to focus on the show when a cartoon is running through your brain!

DaddyRich said...

Thanks paptoad, I completely understand where you're coming from and glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

I accessed rapid through a friend's PC.

Thanks anyways

mad rob

Anonymous said...

any chance you might have part 2 to post sometime? I had forgotten about this, saw it years ago and always meant to pick it up, as I appreciate the classicartoonical mix just as much as you do, and probably grew up watching the same WB cartoons in the morning, evening, and Saturday Morning (where did Sat. Morn toons go, anyway? :( ). Thanks in stereo!