Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Message From DaddyRich -

Ladies and gentlemen it has been my great pleasure to bring this music to you and I value all the comments. Well, some more than others, you see when you leave a comment as 'anonymous' it seems, well.... 'anonymous' and although I thank you and I like to reply to nice comments I have a hard time bringing myself to address one to an 'anonymous' person. I guess I am just funny that way. But, more to the point as I am wandering here, I have finally had enough. You heard it and it's true. I can no longer take the trouble of deleting things in my sacred comments section from companies trying to sell me 'penile growth patches' and 'Viagra' - I may be old but all my working parts are just how they need to be and work too often rather than not enough. I thank these wonderful 'companies' for their concerns about my life betwix the sheets but all this has prompted me to make all my comments available for those who type in the word verification. I know it may seem tedious, even I refused to do it for many of my favorite blogs long ago when they switched, but as my own little corner here grew more popular they have been bothering me. It must be because I look so old (and yet so good) in my pictures here that they get the impression that I can no longer do the deed. Well, sirs - you have aroused my ire (and nothing else) and now everyone will feel my displeasure. Please don't let the bastards get you down and comment all you want, it just takes 3 seconds longer than before with the word verification. That is all. Now go listen to music.


cosmo said...

Daddy Rich, for one horrible moment, I thought you were giving it up on your excellent blog. Thank the Mother that is not the case. I love your blog. I dig your selection of rarities and kids favs. Keep on keepin' on. Cosmo.

Anonymous said...

It's all good Rich. Word verification is no biggie. Sorry about being an anon bro but uh...I don't have a blog. :) Happy holidays to you man!

Krawl said...

No trouble on the verification. Been visiting your blog for a while and I'm impressed on how often you update. Thanks for the great music. My collection is primarily classic roots reggae, but I've enjoyed expanding my knowledge. Respect.

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Glad you're not leaving, as so many other good bloggers have.

I think I did post anonymously here once. Sorry bout that.

matt said...

Who are these spam assholes who fucking plague the net. No i don't need pills to make my schlong bigger. I'm against capitol punishment but these dudes need to be shot. Thanks for the music.

Andy said...

I'm joining the Appreciation Chorus in saying, phew, I also misread your 'had enough' as ending this incredible blog. Echoing everyone in saying word verification is no impediment. Great blog, hope it's bringing you some pleasure.

Anonymous said...

No problem about verification, it´s not a big deal, Rich.
Muchas gracias por la música.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying here, I just found this cool place and thought for a sec that you were leaving ....don't do that... this place rocks !!! Sorry for being an anonymous, don't have a blog and don't want to dl. too much programs on my PC ... had too much shit with it. Let the Viagra and other spam suckers go F themselfs .. I have the same in my mailbox every day .... hate it, I don't need viagra ... I'm a woman ! One thing we need in here ... that's enjoying the gifts of your great music every day again ... keep on coming daddy ... you are the best !!!

P !

errie said...

Spammers are loosers and nothing more than that. I'm happy you keep going on with this wonderful blog. Just keep it coming rich, you make a lot of people happy with your music and personal comments. Thnx for all the effort you put into it.

tony m said...

no worries daddy rich, keep diggin out those gems!ps I misread at first and though you where going. don't to many good blogs have left.

Anonymous said...

The bastards are still out. Leave 'em out. I'll always be by ur side. Great blog. thanx again.
Enjoy this one:

VA - Louder Than Words: A Hardcore Music Compilation [2006]

ALBUM : Louder Than Words: A Hardcore Music Compilation
LABEL : New Age
GENRE : Hardcore

RELEASE : 2006-11-29
STREET : 2006-11-28

QUALiTY : 208kbps avg / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE : 106 MB
PLAYTiME : 01:06:53


[#] [Track Name] [Time]

1. The Set Up - Death Of A Nation 2:33
2. Brutal Fight - Revolutions 2:13
3. Where Eagles Dare - Dead Street 1:52
4. Blessed With Embers - Reminds Me Of Vampires 5:46
5. Blood Stands Still - Rise Back Up 1:42
6. The Fire Still Burns - Good As New 3:11
7. Aftermath Of A Trainwreck - Sellouts Sink 2:16
8. Heartache And Bloodloss - El Diablo 3:32
9. Tamerlane - Requiem 5:56
10. Kill The Messenger - Dry Cell 1:59
11. Plan Of Attack - Maybe Someday 1:14
12. The Versus Project - Hearts And Coffins 3:40
13. XDeathstarX - Die To Remain 3:24
14. Bring It Down - This Is War 2:53
15. Zero Mentality - Traitor Of My Own 3:25
16. Hellfire Trigger - Brick At A Time 3:04
17. Just Went Black - The Killing Glance 2:23
18. Fight Everyone - The Anthem 4:57
19. Countdown To Life - Getting It On 2:50
20. This Time Tomorrow - The Burden 3:04
21. Five Victims Four Graves - Tried And True (Demo) 3:17
22. Time For Change - Dried Tears 1:42

22 of todays best established and up and coming hardcore bands are brought
together on one cd, the “Louder Than Words” compilation. We searched around the
globe and found some of the best bands playing hardcore today. The compilation
features the likes of:Blood Stands Still, Plan of Attack, XDeathstarX, Aftermath
of a Trainwreck, Bring It Down, Tamerlane, Angels Die, Zero Mentality, Where
Eagles Dare, Brutal Fight, The Fire Still Burns, Try Harder, The Set Up, Kill
The Messenger, The Versus Project and others. Also on the comp are the winner of
our online contest which we gave bands and their fans a chance to vote on the
band they thought was most deserving of our remaining 2 spots. That bands were
none other than Blessed With Embers and Heatache and Bloodloss.


bless my friend.


Chris said...

Phew its not closing, great mp3 blog Rich. Don't stop rockin'!

Tbag said...

I refuse to post comments with word verification!!! Of course I'm just kidding, I just did it.

Kahless said...

You did the right thing, man !

Fearless said...

Keep up the good work DR! Oddly enough my verification word for this comment was viagra...