Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ren & Stimpy - Crock O' Christmas

This is what I get for uploading this weeks ago - every blog has already posted it themselves. I get lazy in my old age here, folks. Regardless of my bad sense of timing and age-induced infirmities I present this gift to you. It's probably no secret that I was a big fan of Ren & Stimpy for a few years (they lost me when they fired the great Mr. Kricfalusi) and it was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale phase for animation and cartoons in general. We would not see another show with this level of inspired genius until the advent of Spongebob Squarepants. Such great work and Mr. Kricfalusi is still getting it done the right way and keeping a high profile on the web at his own blog - highly recommended reading/viewing. So, please play this and offend everyone who has any holdiay-related sensitivites. Merry Yaksmus, Merry Yaksmus to us all....

1. Fleck The Walls
2. Cat Hairballs
3. We Wish You A Hairy Chestwig
4. It's A Wizzleteats Kind Of Christmas
5. We're Going Shopping
6. Yak Shaving Day
7. What Is Christmas?
8. Cobb To The World
9. Happy Holiday Hop
10. I Hate Christmas
11. The Twelve Days Of Yaksmas
12. Decorate Yourself

Link in the comments - you eeediot!


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happy happy joy joy

errie said...

Thnx daddyrich. My daughter thinks i'm the best father in the world...lol

DonHo57 said...

Thees eediot thanks you very much for all your work, and especially for thees download.

Happy happy joy joy
happy happy joy joy

It's almost better than LOG!!!