Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stevie Wonder - Light My Fire

I did my damndest to find out more information about this one but came up short. My apologies - although you will enjoy the record. Another of Uncle Bill's vinyl (@320) rips of classic plastic. A quick glance at the track list will tell you that this a cover album by the coolest of the cool - Stevie Wonder. I respect him more and more each time my dumb ass tries to play any musical instrument - and I am not blind. This has a catalog number mfp 50420 but google didn't hook an old man up with anything. Regardless of background info, all that is really needed is to play and enjoy. The choice of his covers is indicative of it's time of recording. A few Dylan, a Doors tune (obviously) and a great Billie Holiday song 'God Bless The Child', among other great jams given the Wonder touch. Everyone here knows of my fawning worship of all music Stevie - so of course, this comes highly recommended.

1. i was made to love her
2. send me some lovin'
3. respect
4. my girl
5. baby don't you do it
6. can i get a witness
7. light my fire
8. sunny
9. everytime i see you i go wild
10. God bless the child
11. angie girl
12. please please please
13. mr tambourine man
14. blowin' in the wind

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Anonymous said...

I'd say most people prefer the CD quality but unfortunately have not hear the difference in sound from other mediums. Heck, even cassette tapes sound deeper than today's CDs. CDs have the crisper higher end but in my opinion they lose out on the deeper parts of the music. I guess people prefer the crisper sound. Ah well, their loss!
Thanks for making this and uploading. You should look into ripping them into wave/flac instead of mp3 to make sure there's no loss of audio info.
Thanks again though, this sounds amazing! :)