Friday, December 01, 2006

Jane's Addiction - King County Fairgrounds, Enumclaw, WA 8/21/91

Oh, the early and dangerous Jane's Addiction. On the last night of the original Lollapalooza Tour. Those were heady days and nights, my friends. Jane's was so much heavier than anything that was out that wasn't death metal. They had hope and positivity and beauty in their songs that were sorely lacking in the music of their contemporaries. Just sit back and relax and hopefully, like DaddyRich, you will enjoy the trip down memory lane. Again, I blame and thank Tracy for continuing to play them over my ignorant protestations when 'Nothing's Shocking' first came out. I am not made of stone, people.

Up The Beach
Summertime Rolls
Trip Away
Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey
L.A. Woman
Been Caught Stealing
Thank You Boys
Three Days
Ted, Just Admit It
Classic Girl
Mountain Song
Ain't No Right
Summertime Rolls

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DaddyRich said...

Disc 1 -

Disc 2 -

Anonymous said...

I saw them on their last night in Europe (in Madrid) before the Lolla tour. They were bigger than life. Perry told us that the revolution was near. At the end... It´s the same, they are, or they were, the best.


Mahou (Madrid, Spain)

Anonymous said...

Why did you use a picture of Jane's Addiction with that new guy from Strays on bass?? Eric Avery was still the bass player in 91...

DaddyRich said...

I had used my only other good pics of the original line-up before and really, there's no need to be snobbish about a picture when anyone who knows what's up knows what's in the file. Thanks for commenting, anonymous.

Matt said...

Wow. I was at this show when I was 14 years old. I'm very excited to hear it!

oddiz27 said...

Thank you!
(the other JA live is dead from disuse)