Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sting - The Complete Chicago Sessions (Tracks 1 - 7 recorded in Chicago, 1993. Tracks 8 - 16 recorded in Chicago, April 1991)

Another of the posts that I imagine I am the only one who will admit to enjoying. It's okay though, because Sting does make himself seem a bit tedious at times but I consider his talent undeniable, whether as a front man for The Police or solo. Just incredible song-writing and a smooth voice - with intelligence to boot. These are some great soundboard recordings that should satisfy anyone with a penchant for the best in bootlegs. And, of course, plenty of Police and Sting solo stuff to share.

If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Stronger Than Justice
Fields of Gold
Englishman in New York
A Day in the Life
Fortress Around Your Heart
Medley: Epilogue / Every Breath You Take
Jeremiah Blues
Mad About You
The Wind Cries Mary
Message in a Bottle
Soul Cages
Every Breath You Take
Be Bop a Lula
I Miss You, Kate
All This Time

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DaddyRich said...

Part 1 -


Part 2 -


Anonymous said...

Qué de puta madre. Sting no pasa por su mayor momento de popularidad, pero a pesar de todo es un tío elegante.
Y yo me pregunto :¿Dónde estará el indio aquél del plato en la cabeza?

Un saludo y gracias.

Mahou (Madrid)

DaddyRich said...

Mahou, I wish I understood Spanish becasue your translation comes out as
"What of prostitute mother. Sting does not happen in his biggest moment of popularity, but in spite of everything he is an elegant uncle.
And I wonder: where will the Indian be that one of the plate in the head?

A greeting and gr"

I hope it's good but it doesn't really seem that way.

Toothwaste said...

Cool post.

Sting came to Malta, where I live, last summer but couldn´t be bothered to perform interesting in any way. A real letdown.
But this is some cool stuff!!
Thanx a lot.

Andy said...

I don't believe we're the only ones who love this era of Sting's music. It sold by the truckload, you know. Thanks very much for posting it. Great holiday present.
Why the majors sit on this material is the reason they are failing at business.
Great blog.

Anonymous said...

Maravillosa grabación!! sonido extraordinario!! Muchas gracias Daddy!! eres el mejor. Saludos desde España.