Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Beatles - Corn Of The Apple

Yet another disc of thses fellas, I think they are good enough to have some kind of a future in this business, you know? Anyone sick of these yet? Because I sure love these boys. These tracks are selected from the infamous Twickenham sessions in 1969 when someone had the bright idea to record the entire sessions /rehearsals for the next Beatles album. Of course they caught all the rancor and bile of a group falling apart and it is painful listening if you have all of the (many, many) discs of these sessions, like some of us do. Just a lot of in-fighting and jockeying for position and we all get to see how shabby George was treated and how Ringo basically happened upon the greatest gravy train in history. This disc has, lucky for us, most of the great songs that were recorded and none of the arguments and is a favorite of DaddyRichs' and I hope you all will enjoy it, too.

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DaddyRich said...

chawkc said...

You rule, these are awesome, and it's kinda hard to get sick of any of these.

albgardis said...

WOW, I can't believe this! Thank you so much for sharing these diamonds with us! I had no idea these recordings were even existing.

As a native German I might add a tiny detail, maybe it is interesting: Paul speaks fairly German, but not perfectly. He can make himself understood, but he never really studied the language. Had had to learn to get around while living in Hamburg for years.

Now, "Geh'raus" is CLEARLY made up by him while he was playing there. This IS NOT a professional translation by a German who wrote a correct german version for "Get Back". This is Paul making german lyrics up (in false grammatics as he would speak), while he was playing there. You can tell in the beginning when he changed his mind from "Geh' weg" (Go away) to "Geh' raus" (Get out). Both are northern german slang terms and NOT HIGH GERMAN taught in books. I am from the Northwest as well, that's how I know. I speak the same dialect.

I still am stunned, can't believe what I am hearing... Sir Paul, I admire your humour!
And thanks to the Blogger who made this possible.

Mike said...

It's people like you that give me faith in the world. thank you, thank you, thank you.

mike said...

oops, file not found? any chance of getting this one back? said...

Hi, any chance of getting the "Corn of the Apple" file back up?

You really do have some incredible stuff.

thanks over and over,

the catman said...

Thank you SO very much for the wonderful Beatles bootlegs! I really hate to ask, because you've been so amazingly generous, but if you ever get around to re-posting anything - I'd sure love a chance to get this one too... I grew up with The Beatles (I remember when Rubber Soul was a new release! Just three years old at the time) and recently re-discovered them, as I hadn't seriously listened to them since the early 1980's. Wow... how did I let so many years go by without listening to the very best rock group, ever? (IMHO) Thank you again for all the wonderful posts!