Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Marvin Gaye - Live In London 1977

Continuing with the Motown Madness this morning y'all. I was so glad and grateful to find this one on cd since my vinyl of it is so battered. Besides being one of the smoothest cats with that voice in the music business he was also a great song writer whose best music came out after he got out from under Berry Gordy's thumb of performing songs written by others. Of course, he also had many problems, but isn't that what we've some to expect form the truly talented? He performs on this disc at the Palladium in London and is in fine form, as usual. Put it on when things need to get groovy at your pad, I plan on it. Including great versions of 'Trouble Man' and (Daddy's Fave) 'Got To Give It Up' with some aweosme medlies of his greatest you will be groovin'. Sing with Daddy - " I used to go out to parties/and stare at the ground..."

1. Intro Theme
2. All The Way 'Round
3. Since I Had You
4. Come Get To This
5. Let's Get It On
6. Trouble Man
7. Medley I: Ain't That Peculiar/You're A Wonderful One/Stubborn Kind Of Fellow/Pride And Joy...
8. Medley II: Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)/God Is Love/What's Going On/Save The Children
9. Medley III: You're All I Need To Get By/Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/Your Precious Love...
10. Thanks
11. Distant Lover
12. Closing Theme/I Want You
13. Got To Give It Up

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Disc 1 -

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Anonymous said...

Fine concert. Good recording. Thanx. Got it on one disc.