Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Natty Dread Demos (1974)

Oh to be hearing a classic album by a genius in it's early stages. This is the stuff DaddyRich lives for....sigh. The sound quality on this collection is absolutely superb as well. Here are alternate versions and some rootsy dubs of jams all of us reggae-heads know so very well. Some of these songs saw the light of day in the early 1990's on 'Talking Blues' collection of tracks live from a KSAN show that stands as one of my all-time favorites still. Others are heard here and only available on this compendium of Rastafarian Rootsiness. Yum. Enjoy, my good friends, enjoy!

Track list:

Disc 1

01 Roadblock-Dub
02 So Jah Seh
03 Natty Dread
04 Roadblock-Dub #2
05 Am A Do-Demo #2
06 Am A Do-Alt #2
07 Revolution-Demo #2
08 Them Belly Full-Dub
09 Roadblock-Dub #3
10 Natty Dread #3

Disc 2

11 Lively Up Yourself-alt
12 Am A Do-Dub
13 No Woman, No Cry-alt
14 Them Belly Full-Demo
15 Roadblock-alt
16 Iron Lion Zion-Original
17 Am A Do-Alt
18 Am A Do-Demo
19 Talkin' Blues-Original
20 Revolution-Demo

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The Clash - The Vanilla Tapes (2 Disc set of early 'London Calling' tracks)

Been a while since DaddyRich was here to post and I do apologize for the delay. There was a bit of heat on at the time and I decided to lay back in the cut and wait it out. Hopefully the time is ripe again for the sharing of the jams. I, along with SO many of my friends, wish that recording equipment had advanced to it's present state a long time ago. That way many of the best bands would leave behind crystal-clear recording sessions and not the jumbled mess of clicks and tape hiss that we have all had to become adjusted to when we find a treasure from one of our favorite bands, like The Clash. I have very many rarities and demo collections from the seminal band that changed popular music forever, as well as the life of one Mr. DaddyRich....but I digress. This is one of the better sounding collections of early album tracks and unpolished versions of soon-to-be classic songs that graced the immortal 'London Calling'. And it has a wonderful back-story, to boot..... culled from Wikipedia.

"The Vanilla Tapes were demo tracks recorded by the English punk band The Clash -- in essence, an early version of their album London Calling (although the track Remote Control was a song from the band's first album). Roadie Johnny Green was to deliver the tapes to the band's new producer, Guy Stevens; Green fell asleep on the train ride to the studio. Waking up at the station where he was to disembark, he panicked, and in his rush left the tapes behind. After that, the tapes were considered lost until March 2004, when Clash guitarist Mick Jones was moving boxes and came upon a copy of the tape."

There is reported to be a 37 track completist edition of this floating around the world between some discerning (read as snooty and greedy) collectors and I continue my valiant search and will bring results here, of course. Until then, my dear friends, please enjoy the gestational classic 'London Calling - The Vanilla Tapes'

1. "Hateful"
2. "Rudie Can't Fail"
3. "Paul's Tune" (Paul Simonon)
4. "I'm Not Down"
5. "Four Horsemen"
6. "Koka Kola"
7. "Death or Glory"
8. "Lover's Rock"
9. "Lonesome Me" (The Clash)
10. "Jimmy Jazz"
11. "Lost in the Supermarket"
12. "Up-Toon" (instrumental)
13. "Walking the Slidewalk" (The Clash)
14. "Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)" (The Clash)
15. "The Man in Me" (Bob Dylan)
16. "Remote Control"
17. "Working and Waiting"
18. "Heart and Mind" (The Clash)
19. "Brand New Cadillac" (Vince Taylor)
20. "London Calling"
21. "Revolution Rock" (J. Edwards, D. Ray)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights-era demos

Wooooooooord. Ah yes, the mighty Steppin’ Razor himself - Peter Tosh. Demos from his landmark ‘Equal Rights’ album that still gets much rotation on DaddyRich Radio. This one is especially precious to me for it’s presence of ‘Babylon Queendom’, which ranks very high on my all-time Tosh recordings list. Hope you all enjoy as well.

1. 400 years

2. Hammer

3. Jam A Inna Jam Down

4. Vampire

5. Babylon Queendom

6. Can’t Blame the Youth

7. Mark of the Beast

8. Get Up, Stand Up


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Depeche mode-the complete hidden tracks

Oh yes, the Mode. We all know that they are living legends in this. While the title of this disc is a bit....ostentatious it contains some cool stuff nonetheless. While I always prefer older Depeche Mode it's hard to deny that some of these b-sides, remixes and such are amazing to the ear. Give a listen and spread it around y'all.

1. A Question Of Lust (Remix Edit By Margouleff) 3:51

2. Strangelove (Highjack Mix) 6:33

3. Strangelove (7 Blind Edit) 3:57

4. Behind The Wheel (Dub) 6:00

5. Behind The Wheel (7 DJ Remix) 3:55

6. Everything Counts (Edited Live Version) 4:50

7. Enjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix 3 Edit) 6:41

8. Policy Of Truth (Radio Edit) 4:06

9. World In My Eyes (Trip Mode Mix) 4:50

10. It's No Good (Club 69 Funk Dub) 5:06

11. Only When I Lose Myself (Radio Version) 3:53

12. Only When I Lose Myself (Josh Abraham Mix) 4:24

13. Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Dub) 6:09

14. Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Edit) 4:39

15. Dream On (Morel's Pink Noise Dub) 6:59

16. Dream On (Morel's Pink Noise Radio Edit) 3:33

17. I Feel Loved (Desert After Hours Dub) 7:03

18. I Feel Loved (Fafa "Superfunk" Monteco Remix) 5:37

19. I Feel Loved (Laurent F Mix) 3:05

20. I Feel Loved (Sean Beavan & Bon Harris Remix) 3:58

21. Freelove (Johnny Dollar Remix) 4:06

22. Shake The Disease (Tiga Remix Edit) 6:47

23. Precious (Sasha's Gargantuan Instrumental Mix) 9:47

24. Precious (Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix Edit) 7:15

25. Precious (US Radio Version) 4:07

26. Lilian (Pantha Du Prince Neues Holz Remix) 6:48

27. Lilian (Pantha Du Prince Raboisen Ecke Burstha Remix) 6:33

28. Martyr (Paul Van Dyk Dub Vox) 10:17

29. Personal Jesus (Heartthrob Rework 2) 5:13

30.The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix) 12:59

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Stone Temple Pilots - Unreleased and Outtakes

Anyone who is remotely near DaddyRich's age (ancient) can recall first hearing these fine fellows first when MTv started playing 'Sex-Type Thing' in heavy rotation way back when. I always liked and still do like that song but they seemed to me to fall in the cracks of what was then and now (sadly) called 'Grunge' (cringe). I am sure that a few people in and around San Diego saw some potential is the then-named Mighty Joe Young and their brilliantly talented rhythm section and freaky singer. But it wasn't until the release of 'Purple' that, to me, it seemed these cats had put it all together and I began my internal countdown that begins ticking when an immensely talented group with a freaky-talented singer comes to my notice. I gave them about 2 years before I figured they would break up and be done and not heard from, again until MTv decided to release a various artists kind of "remember-the-90's 2 disc set". I may have been off by a bit and gladly so, my friends. After dalliances with other bands, and having varying degrees of success they have decided to reunite and, oh, it truly feels so good. Doesn't it? Here for todays helping of goodness is a collection of outtakes and unreleased songs dating from the late 90's to their last studio offering and contains some worthy gems for your esteemed ears. To my (albeit limited) knowledge these slabs have not seen release, official or otherwise as a collection. As always, share this stuff folks and you know DaddyRich welcomes any friends offering wisdom on these cuts if they have it. We are willing to learn and credit will be given. Peace.

Studio Outtakes -

Contains, to my knowledge, untitled tracks and little jams.

Unreleased Stuff -

Culled mainly from sessions for the "No. 4" and "Shang-Ri-La-Dee-Da" albums and are quite tasty.

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Back From The Dead!!!!!!!

I couldn't find any pictures of Ben Franklin as a zombie with which to illustrate my being back from the dead, so just try and picture it in your mind my friends. After a period of laying low and waiting for some heat to die down, it's time. Regular posts will begin on here soon. I thank all of you again for all the kind e-mails and words of encouragement.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Wow. So many kind words from so many friends of the Ape lately. DaddyRich is certainly grateful and has plans to revive here, yet again. But we have run into the same old problem as I (and SO many others) have before. Mass deletions. Some unsavory character has reported over 150 of my latest links and some I had yet to post here, even. So I will lay low and lurk about a bit until the coast is clear. Friends of the Ape know where to find me. Until then, what I have left here is yours. Keep me on your RSS lists and you will know where I am back.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Demos

Oh, Peter Gabrie-era Genesis. Just the thought makes me wish I had been born earlier. It's a shame that he's too much of a sacred cow (no insult intended) to stoop to tour with them on this reunion thing they got going. I have read his reasons and can totally understand, but nonetheless it prevented me from buying a ticket. They would have had at least $200-$300 of my money if he had come for the ride. I really have no use for the Phil Collins hits or to hear him sing Gabriel's songs. Not knocking anyone's music tastes - just showing off my idiotic reasoning for this. Enough of that, these demos are from my favorite Genesis album of all. Such epic proportions and depth of emotion that must have launched them miles ahead of their peers upon it's initial release. Can't pick any one favorite from the whole but hearing the songs in embryonic form and even instrumental takes is a pleasure to my old ears. Hope one or two of you kiddies enjoy it to.

The enclosed pics of the inserts will show the track listings for all of you - my hands are tired from typing all night.

Disc 1 -

Disc 2 -

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bono - The Complete Solo Project of Bono - Volume One

I am not the world's biggest U2 fan, but this was a request and I figured if anyone else was looking for some of these - they are more than welcome. For the record, I do think they are/were a great band and Bono does not annoy me like he seems to do to other people. Oh, they tore him up on South Park a few weeks ago, but they will do that to anyone. This is a four-disc set so let me know. Peace.

01. In A Lifetime (from The Clannad Album Macella)

02. Hallelujah ('Tower of Song: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen' album)

03. Billy Boola (from the OST In The Name Of The Father)

04. Save The Children (from Inner City Blues) A Tribute To Marvin Gaye

05. Silver And Gold (from The Maxi Single Where The Streets Have No Name With Keith Richards)

06. Let The Good Times Roll (from Jook Joint Album By Quincy Jones

07. Tomorrow 96 (from Common Ground Compilation)

08. In The Name Of The Father (from the OST In The Name Of The Father)

09. Can't Help Falling In Love (from Ost Honeymoon In Vegas)

10. I've Got You Under My Skin (from Duests With Frank Sinatra)

11. Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad ("If God Will Send His Angels" single)

12. One (Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr., Michael Stipe And Mike Mills)

13. Give Me Back My Job (from Carl Perkins' 'Go Cat Go' album)

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Patsy Cline - June 1960 USAF Show

Found this little Country Music Classic whilst sifting and sorting my stuff around. My wife loves Patsy and that's good enough for me. I know better than to disagree - she's a black belt.

1. introduction
2. Lovesick Blues
3. When Your House Is Not a Home
4. [Army message]
5. Trouble Among the Yearlings
6. Love Walked In (with Don Abrams)
7. How Can I Face Tomorrow?
8. outro

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