Monday, September 11, 2006

The Trashcan Sinatras - Cake

This album right here is the penultimate example of my caveat at the page header about supporting the musicians who don't get nearly enough money. This album came out amidst the Madchester craziness and quickly was overshadowed by many other bands. Often seen (if seen at all) as a one hit wonder with the KROQ radio play of 'Obscurity Knocks' in 1990 and the ONE showing of the video that I was lucky enough to see on 120 Minutes that same year. There was no category for them to easily slide in and, let's face facts, radio is run by a bunch of idiots. So there it seemed to end with this brilliant album - they seemed to vanish. I continued to peruse the import record stores with no success so I figured they had broken up. Gladly forward to 1995 when I see their second album in the used bin at Warehouse Records in Rialto and I find they never left and have since bought damn near everything found by them and even paid over $300 for 2 tickets to see them at the Troubador in 2004. Massively talented and well deserving of your dollars and attention. The Trashcans still continue to make great music and perform great shows.


Anonymous said...

1st this album is brilliant, thank you. Next the Morrissey material is great also- the Drug EP is on a constant loop.

Question/Request: do you have any of the 12 inch mixes of The Smiths or the "reel around the fountain" album? been looking everywhere.

Thanks for all as always you rock.

DaddyRich said...

I do have the 12" mixes here and I will put them up for you as soon as I can, as far as the 'Reel Around The Fountain' album,, would this be the Troy Tate Sessions album that was scrapped in favor of the John Porter mix on the first album? Let me know. I do remember the 'Reel Around the Fountain' rare 7" but that was just a Troy Tate Session. If I don't have it here I have an idea of where it might be found.

Anonymous said...

why yes it is the Tate sessions- damn you're good!

I'll look out for the 12" and even pass along some of the rare/random MorriSmiths tunes I come upon.

Thanks again.