Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hank Williams Sr. - A DaddyRich Compilation (2 Discs)

Here we have the legendary Hank Williams Sr. and there are not nearly enough good things to be said about his music. A lot can be said against the compilations that have been put out containing his music - namely that they suck, mostly. There is perhaps no other singer/songwriter that I have greater respect for than this man right here and his genius shines thorough in these recordings. I was late aboard the Hank Sr. train and only a few years ago became aquainted with him - much to my personal shame. He was Americas first popular music superstar and man it took a toll on him. His drinking and temper are legendary in the annals of music history. I try not to judge since the passage of time has shown that he more than likely suffered from spina bifida, and being disabled with a back injury myself , I try my best not to judge what someone who lives with constant pain does to handle it - it ain't fun. Regardless, the music on here may take a minute to adjust to if you don't have the proper mindset but I hope you will give it a thorough listening at least once and hear what I hear. If so, let me know - there is plenty more....


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