Thursday, September 28, 2006

L.L. Cool J - BAD (Bigger & Deffer) 1987 Def Jam

Whoa boy, I remember the day this joint came out vividly. We all left school at lunch time and drove down to A.M.C. (Alvin's Music Center) in San Bernardino and did our usual record shopping. Then 'BAM!' this baby was staring at us from the record racks. We had all the 12" singles from L so we knew this was coming and eagerly copped it that day. We all used to save out lunch moneys and pool together to get records - we were dorks like that. After the loud blast that was 'Radio' this album put L.L. above the rest of the pack by a large margin. His word skills and flow have not, before or since (sadly) been so much in evidence. From the explosion that is 'I'm Bad' to start the record it hardly let's up until the needle reached the inner grooves (let's just all forget that 'I Need Love' is on there). The hits keep on coming - 'Get Down', '357 (Break It On Down) and 'Go Cut Creator Go' round out this awesome LP. The addition of Bobcat on the turntables seriously helps out Cut Creator and gives the album a much more dense scratching and mixing combo. And I could have sworn that Rick Rubin produced it but I guess my old age is affecting my memory. Do yourselves a favor and give a listen

1. I'm Bad
2. Kanday
3. Get Down
4. Bristol Hotel, The
5. My Rhyme Ain't Done
6. 357 - (with Break It On Down)
7. Go Cut Creator Go
8. Breakthrough, The
9. I Need Love
10. Ahh, Let's get Ill
11. Do Wop, The
12. On The Ill Tip

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This album (ha...album, it was a cassette on a boom box) was played every day on the bus ride home from school. To a bunch of little white kids in Arkansas, this was extraterrestrial and mind-blowing. I loved it.