Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Descendents - Milo Goes To College 1982 SST Records

In my opinion this is the Descendents best album, although I like many others I find this to be the most cohesive. It becomes immediately clear after hearing this record that MANY bands were influenced by them or just completely stole their style. Astute listeners will already know that Milo did indeed go to college and now has a doctorate. Pretty rare dedication for a punk band but they were even different in their own time - way back in 1982 for this album. As for So Cal punk rock they float in pretty rarefied air among only the best including Bad Religion. Classics including - 'Suburban Home', 'Myage', 'I'm Not A Loser' and the piece de resistance 'Hope' are all here, amog others. You will enjoy, I am sure.



Anonymous said...

i luv this album! now how bout posting a happy pocket and their b sides/rare tracks compilation on a b-road.

DaddyRich said...

hmmmm...well maybe. I have all those and 'Zebra of the Family' 2 disc set of demos & rarities that I plan on upping.