Sunday, September 10, 2006

Peter Tosh - Legalize It

It was very difficult to pick only one album to start with from the late, great Peter Tosh. Like so many other suburban honkeys I was introduced to reggae in the 1980's listening to Bob Marley. Life altering stuff inded and popular music has rarely been as good or meaningful to me before or since. But Marley was an optimist and it shone through on many of his wonderful songs - whereas Tosh was more of a realist (wouldn't go as far as saying pessimist) and understood the shady nature of most people in general (don't get him started on Chris Blackwell of Island Records...) and flayed them for their shortcomings in song. Much more of these types of songs on my personal fave 'Equal Rights' but for those who haven't had the pleasure of this mans music before - it's good to start at the beginning with 'Legalize It', recorded and released shortlry after leaving the Wailers, beacuse "Jah had more for me to do than be Bob Marley's back-up singer" it is still a powerful album. Luckilly the rumor of any acrimony between him and Marley was all crap so we can truly enjoy the Marley/Tosh penned 'Why Must I Cry?' and not be misled into thinking these old friends were new enemies. I often liken the duo of Peter Tosh and Bob Marley as reggaes Lennon/McCartney not only becasue of talent and legendary status but in their attitudes as men. Marley as the McCartney had great popular sensibilities and was universally loved, if not totally understood. Tosh as the Lennon wrote great songs as well but had more bite and wit. One saw things as 'getting better all the time' and the other as 'it can't get no worse'. Nuff said - listen to the music and enjoy.

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hey! you have anything from the chills? like a best of compilation perhaps? or how about the recent reunion album from the house of love?