Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Operation Ivy - Energy

Another one to thank Erik for with this disc. I wasn't a skate punk kid in the 80's so I won't claim to have been down with Op Ivy from the beginning. I first heard them in 1993 and instantly loved this album. A great blend of punk and ska energy with insightful lyrics. It's all the more incredible that they created this album and the music inside in the era that they did -the late 80's to me was all about rap and the emergence of N.W.A. and drinking and smoking all the time. These guys had their heads on much straighter than myself and my friends. To be a non-drinker/drug user then was just something that didn't happen where I came from. Of course, after the band broke up - we know all about Tim Armstrong and his aquired habits. But hell allthat gave us Rancid as well - so it is definitely an interesting world we live in to have such oncreduble things happen. I love this music and hope you will, too.

1. Knowledge
2. Sound System
3. Jaded
4. Take Warning
5. Crowd, The
6. Bombshell
7. Unity
8. Vulnerability
9. Bankshot
10. One Of These Days
11. Gonna Find You
12. Bad Town
13. Smiling
14. Caution
15. Freeze Up
16. Artificial Life
17. Room Without A Window
18. Big City
19. Missionary
20. Junkie's Running Dry
21. Here We Go Again
22. Hoboken
23. Yellin' In My Ear
24. Sleep Long
25. Healthy Body
26. Officer
27. I Got No

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