Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sublime - 40 oz. To Freedom (Skunk Records Version)

Another classic album to add to this little list I have going here. Yet again, also solid from intro to outro. This is the original Skunk Records version that was purchased by me after seeing them in Victorville in ...... 1994 I believe. Rather hard to find now becasue of some samples that weren't legally cleared but you are welcome to this one here. I was fortunate enough to see this band many times before Bradley's untimely death in 1996 and feel bad for anyone who never saw the show. Always a great crowd of friends and misfits in attendance and no violence ever (a rarity for punk shows). Maybe this is because they were so much more than a punk band - mixing elements of hip-hop, reggae, dub, acoustic noodling and punk into something that no one else has been successful in duplicating....though many have tried. You are missed Bradley.


Anonymous said...

Any way you could upload this again; the link is gone. I'm a huge Sublime fan and haven't heard the SR version.

Franco said...

Please Repost!