Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rage Against The Machine - Freedom CD Single (French Import)

My first Rage Against The Machine purchase from back in the day at the hip spot - The Mad Platter in Riverside (is it even still there?). This little number was a gem for the price and I have met a few who have never heard it. It's all the more valuable since most live Rage concerts on disc sound like a turd on plastic. These 2 bonus cuts sound as good as you can get for the band at that stage - their first Lollapalooza gig (and my friend Troy was a roadie for the whole tour - the man's got some stories to tell..) and at a pivotal time in music. Many years later they had a couple of good live shows put out by their record company but I still feel that the band circa 1993 was unbeatable. It's a shame that all that talent and politicism could not co-exist any longer. It's odd, but as much as I love Rage and really enjoyed Soundgarden - I really get nothing out of Audioslave. I still haven't figured that one out. So, please enjoy the title cut (it's timeless) and it's live counterpart as well as 'Take The Power Back' in a wondrously furious live incarnation.

1. Freedom (Album Version)
2. Take The Power Back (Live Lollapalooza, Vancouver 1993)
3. Freedom (Live Lollapalooza, Vancouver 1993)

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