Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

My first true exposure to Depeche Mode was in 1986 through this great album. I had heard singles from them and such but was way too deep into hip-hop to listen to "gloom' music for very long. Then some great discoveries were made - namely, that the music they made was not sterile and electronic noise - there was emotion and feeling brought to their music that gave it a more human touch. Secondly (and most important for ANY new undertaking a la 1986) the women loved Depeche Mode. That is an unbeatable combination. There are many great albums from these boys so I just chose to post this particular one first. I also - somewhere here- have the demo's album for this that is well worth the listen and will be posted as soon as I get it together on this end.

1. "Black Celebration" – 4:55
2. "Fly on the Windscreen - Final" – 5:18
3. "A Question of Lust" – 4:20
4. "Sometimes" – 1:53
5. "It Doesn't Matter Two" – 2:50
6. "A Question of Time" – 4:10
7. "Stripped" – 4:16
8. "Here Is the House" – 4:15
9. "World Full of Nothing" – 2:50
10. "Dressed in Black" – 2:32
11. "New Dress" – 3:42
12. "But Not Tonight" – 4:15

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DaddyRich said...

Anonymous said...

a classic thanks (though I have the disc it made want to pull it out, pull out my pointy shoes and dance! thanks, I needed that).

Still hoping to find the Smith 12"

DaddyRich said...

What Smith 12" ?- maybe I can help.