Monday, September 11, 2006

Morrissey - 'Viva Hate' Outtakes

I have already espoused my admiration for this album last week and now have the promised outtakes. These may be only for the serious Morrissey completist/enthusiast (well, that includes about every Morrissey fan I have ever met...but I digress) but they certainly make a wonderful companion piese to the double disc 'Centenary Edition' from the earlier post. I am something of a Smiths/Moz fanatic and will most certainly be sprinkling in a few of their discs and many other of Manchester's musical sons. I have yet to find any really good dedicated Smiths/Morrissey music blogs - anyone know of any? Hope you all enjoy this and stay tuned...


Anonymous said...
this isnt a blog but a forum but theres loads of great downloads to be had here-they are very generuos fans- if you look
clare armstrong

DaddyRich said...

Many thanks Mr./Mrs. Anonymous. I will check it out.