Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Face To Face - Fat Wreck Chords 1993
To say this album changed my life would be an understatement. A friend from work, Erik hooked me up with this at a particular low point of my life in early 1994 and it was a great thing. Wherever you are Erik - big thanks. This is a top-to-bottom classic of So Cal mid-'90's punk (soon to become much maligned pop-punk, isn't that a retarded term 'pop punk'?) that has been in constant rotation for many years and more to come. A personal favorite (and everyone elses at the time) is 'Disconnected" a Descendents-like blast of young love and heartbreak that hit home at the time and even now serves to remind me of someone in particular. I must express my envy of the people who are about to hear this for the first time and everyone else can enjoy whilst they reminisce of mosh pits at The Barn in Riverside or The Boys & Girls Club in Victorville just like I am now.

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