Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Sisters Of Mercy - A Slight Case Of Overbombing (Greatest Hits 82-92)

This may be an obscure one to most - I know people who have never heard of the Sisters, much less realize they need a greatest hits collection. The music has always been hard to describe - certainly alternative but very heavy and most definitely not metal. Andrew Eldritch's voice is what seperates them from the crowd - deep and menacing as he sings songs about love, loss, despair and revenge. Sadly, they tour very little in the U.S. lately and I am waiting to see them. This disc contains the best of their first 10 years and includes the classics 'Temple Of Love', 'Under The Gun', 'Vision Thing' and 'This Corrosion'. For those looking for the best album to buy of theirs I would highly recommend "Floodland" and then "First And Last And Always" to follow. Always recommended to turn the volume way up becasue they have a heavy dense sound that speakers love to push out.

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