Monday, September 18, 2006

Dilated Peoples - The Platform (2000)

Ahhhh, Dilated... the album that brought me out of my self-imposed hip-hop hiatus. Well, I never stopped listening to hip-hop, just new hip-hop. I quit listening under protest before Puff Daddy, Biggie and Tupac made rap what it is today. From about 1996-2000 I just prety much blew it all off, except for the underground which was always going strong. My boy Mike dropped this cd at my house and it was on point from the first listen and has been in the player since (well, my player holds 400 discs, but it's still an achievement). Literate rhymes, super nice beats and they both can flow. Do yourself a favor if you have not heard before and give these boys a listen. Subsequent albums haven't hit as hard (in my amateur opinion) but how can you top one of the all-time best? Some never even get that close. Props to Rakaa and Evidence - for keeping hip-hop genuine.

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