Friday, September 22, 2006

Peter Tosh - Scrolls of the Prophet

Once again, the mighty Stepping Razor Peter Tosh. You can never have enough of the mans music. This is a particularly nice collection - although others are good as well. I include this one here mainly because of the inclusion of the wonderful magic of 'Get Up, Stand Up' performed live. Many people regard this as a 'Bob Marley song' without looking at the songwriting credits and furthermore this serves as the main reason he left the Wailers. I like the honesty and toughness of his songs and hope you come to appreciate them as well. Also please check out 'Babylon Queendom' - one of his best songs in my humble opinion.

1. Get Up, Stand Up
2. Stepping Razor
3. Downpressor Man
4. Equal Rights
5. Don't Look Back, (You Gotta Walk And)
6. African
7. Legalize It
8. Bush Doctor
9. Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
10. Fools Die
11. Mystery Babylon - (previously unreleased)
12. Ketchy Shuby
13. Till Your Well Runs Dry
14. One Love
15. Get Up, Stand Up - (live, acoustic)

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