Sunday, September 10, 2006

Morrissey - Viva Hate (EMI Centenary Edition)

Since the most popular download thus far has been the Interesting Drug EP I figured I'd hit you with this one as a follow-up. The Viva Hate album released in 1988 was a personal fave at the time but any self-respecting Smiths or Morrissey fan was far more concerned with gathering the singles as they were released moreso that the albums. So, as enjoyable as this is (in it's original format) there was much more joy to be had from the 'Suedehead' and 'Every Day Is Like Sunday' singles with their respective bonus tracks. EMI tried to right this previous wrong by releasing an anniversary edition with some extra bells and whistles that prove to be interesting additions indeed. The album includes these along with the original track listing...

bonus tracks:
Let the Right One Slip In
Pashernate Love
At Amber
Disappointed (live)
Girl Least Likely To
I'd Love To (UK version)
Michael's Bones
I've Changed My Plea To Guilty (UK version)

p.s It's a large file so I hope by now you boys and girls have purchased your Rapidshare Premium accounts (they sure do come in handy). Also, I will be posting 'The Viva Hate Outtakes' this week as well to make a tasty 3 disc set of this classic album. Play on players....

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