Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Smiths - Euromixxes

Now this one is just an add-on for those who do not already have it. Hardly a must-have but an interesting rarity no doubt. A 2 sided affair of remixes of Smiths songs and a pretty rare one to boot. I remember seeing this one at The Mad Platter for over $50 about 15 years ago - so God only knows what those original ones are fetching now. I am pretty sure that the day I saw it I just bought a few more (like I needed them) Morrissey posters for my room. Side 'A' is called 'Goldsmith' and Side 'B' is 'Blacksmith' and the songs all mix together so no real tracklisting - just a running order, if you will.

Girlfriend in a coma * Cemetry Gates * Frankly Mr Shankley * Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now * Pretty Girls Make Graves * The Boy With The Thorn.. * Half A Person * Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty * Panic * I Started Something I Couldn't Finish * There´s A Light That Never Goes Out * Bigmouth Strikes Again * What Difference Does It Make? * Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others * Ask * Girl Afraid

So I hope you enjoy and keep coming backfor more.

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