Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Clash - The Vanilla Tapes (THe Early London Calling Tapes)

Wikipedia has it most succinctly -

The Vanilla Tapes
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The Vanilla Tapes were demo tracks recorded by the English punk band The Clash. The Vanilla Tapes were, in essence, an early version of London Calling. The Clash's roadie, Johnny Green, was to deliver the tapes to The Clash's new producer, Guy Stevens. Green fell asleep on the train ride and woke up at the station at which he was supposed to disembark and, in a rush, left the tapes on the train. After that, the tapes were considered lost until March 2004, when The Clash guitarist Mick Jones was moving boxes and came upon a copy of the tape.
The newly discovered Vanilla Tapes were released as a bonus disc when London Calling was remastered and rereleased as the Legacy Edition in September 2004.

Track listing

"Rudie Can't Fail"
"Paul's Tune" (Simonon)
"I'm Not Down"
"4 Horsemen"
"Koka Kola, Advertising & Cocaine"
"Death Or Glory"
"Lover's Rock"
"Lonesome Me" (The Clash)
"The police Walked In 4 Jazz"
"Lost In The Supermarket"
"Up-Toon (Inst.)"
"Walking The Slidewalk" (The Clash)
"Where You Gonna Go (Soweto)" (The Clash)
"The Man In Me" (Dylan)
"Remote Control"
"Working And Waiting"
"Heart & Mind" (The Clash)
"Brand New Cadillac" (Taylor)
"London Calling"
"Revolution Rock" (J. Edwards/D. Ray)

So - how could anyonenot like hearing an album of essentially 'London Calling' demos and unreleased Clash? It's a great artifact from such an awesome band that influenced so many and changed many minds.

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Is it possible to reupload this one? It has been deleted Thank you so much for this site

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hi, love your site! could you please make the vanilla tapes available again? thanks!!